School Board Settles for Boundaries Compromise

After being accused of drawing elementary school attendance zone lines based on students’ race and economic class, the Loudoun County School Board on Tuesday backed off on a proposal critics characterized as modern segregation.

The board ultimately adopted an attendance map for Leesburg area elementary schools that will reassign about 1,105 students next year.

The decision to approve so-called “Plan 8 Amended” was considered a compromise among board members who were at a standoff over what type of school assignments are best for students.

Ball's Bluff Elementary School student Junior Ramirez attends the rally Tuesday ahead of the School Board's boundary map adoption. (Danielle Nadler/Loudoun Now)
Ball’s Bluff Elementary School student Junior Ramirez attends the rally Tuesday ahead of the School Board’s boundary map adoption. (Danielle Nadler/Loudoun Now)

The proposal that sparked the loudest opposition, and the formation of activist group Educate Don’t Segregate, was Plan 12, which supporters called a needed paradigm shift for Leesburg elementary boundaries. It would have reversed a 1997 decision that sent about 700 low income and non-English-speaking students in apartments and town homes near Plaza Street to five different schools across town, some as far as 3.5 miles away. Educate Don’t Segregate advocated continuing to evenly distribute the academically at-risk students and moving just enough students to reduce overcrowding at Evergreen Mill Elementary, the issue that prompted the boundary changes.

The adopted plan leaves most of the Plaza Street students’ school assignments unchanged.

It returns some students to their neighborhood schools. But it still largely evenly distributes the town’s poorest students throughout several schools, leaving the highest concentration of students who qualify for the federal free and reduced meal program at 38 percent of school population, at Evergreen Mill Elementary. It reassigns the Lakes at Red Rock neighborhood from Frances Hazel Reid to Ball’s Bluff Elementary, and sends students in the Beacon Hill and Shenstone neighborhoods west of Leesburg from Catoctin Elementary to Kenneth Culbert Elementary in Hamilton. It also keeps every school at or below its building capacity and frees up space in some schools to accommodate future development in the town.

“I think this plan does provide the longest possible solution that is out there. It’s not perfect. Compromise is never perfect,” said Chairman Eric Hornberger (Ashburn), who drafted the map.

The board voted 7-2 to adopt Plan 8, with Debbie Rose (Algonkian) and Joy Maloney (Broad Run) opposed.

Tom Marshall (Leesburg) acknowledged that the plan reassigns more students than he would like but called it “a fair compromise.”

Rose said she would not support a plan that sends one cluster of students to several different schools across town, while most students in the rest of the county get to go to a neighborhood school.

Maloney opposed the plan because it moves 67 percent of Evergreen Mill’s current student population.

[See details of the adopted boundary map here.]

From left- School Board members Debbie Rose (Algonkian), a student board member, Beth Huck (At Large) and Tom Marshall (Leesburg) listen to public speakers ahead of their vote. (Danielle Nadler/Loudoun Now)
From left- School Board members Debbie Rose (Algonkian), a student board member, Beth Huck (At Large) and Tom Marshall (Leesburg) listen to public speakers ahead of their vote. (Danielle Nadler/Loudoun Now)

Rose and several other board members took the opportunity Tuesday to address members of the activist group who characterized their support for returning students to schools near their homes as segregation. Rose said she spent much of her spring break last week “debunking rumors” spread by the Educate Don’t Segregate group.

“Let me assure you that at no point in this process was there ever an intention to put our Hispanic students in one school and white students in another,” she said. “It was just a flat out lie to say we wanted to do that.”

The plan that several board members initially supported, Plan 12, would have resulted in 59 percent of the student population at Leesburg Elementary and 56 percent at Frederick Douglass Elementary qualifying for the federal free and reduced meals program. The rate is currently 26 percent at both schools.

Jill Turgeon (Blue Ridge), also an advocate of Plan 12, said she ultimately supported the adopted Plan 8 because it was a compromise. “But it hurts me to the core that we are treating children differently based on where they live and their socio-economic background,” she said. “I don’t think a student needs to be sitting next to a child that makes more money than them to be successful.”

Anna Lopez, who lives in an apartment near Plaza Street, said after the vote, the flurry of the board’s debate left her unclear whether her daughter would be moved from Evergreen Mill Elementary. But either way, she hoped her family’s income level or race did not play a part in the decision.

“I don’t want her, because her parents are low-income or Spanish-speaking, to grow up thinking she’s on a lower level than her peers,” she said. “She’s smart. She’s a great student, and she does well at her school.”

Members of NAACP hosted a rally ahead of the boundary vote Tuesday. (Danielle Nadler/Loudoun Now)
Members of NAACP hosted a rally ahead of the boundary vote Tuesday. (Danielle Nadler/Loudoun Now)

Members of the Loudoun chapter of the NAACP held a rally an hour before the board’s vote to formally show their opposition to Plan 12. Chapter President Phillip Thompson said the group wanted the “status quo” in Leesburg schools. He stressed that he is not fundamentally opposed to a school made up of mostly minority students, but he has not heard any assurances from the board that it would provide those schools with more resources, such as bilingual teachers.

“I’m concerned if you do put these kids in these schools and not bring in additional resources then you’re going to fail,” Thompson said. “This board hasn’t shown that ability.”

The word lawsuit was uttered by a few people on both sides of the heated boundary debate during the past week, including by Thompson. He announced at the rally that if Plan 12 was adopted, the group would consider legal action.

On the other side of the debate, Eric DeKenipp (Catoctin) said Monday evening that if he lived on Plaza Street and his children were assigned to schools across town he would file a civil rights suit against the school division. “Why does every other kid get to go to a neighborhood school except these kids? We’re violating these kids in every sense of our policy,” he said. “Either way, we’re going to see a law suit at the end of the day.”

DeKenipp took the School Board to court in 2012 after his daughter was reassigned from her neighborhood school, John W. Tolbert Elementary, to Frederick Douglass Elementary three miles away. He lost the case, but the judge urged the School Board to make the process leading to boundary decisions more transparent.

Board members on both sides agreed that important issues surfaced during Leesburg’s contentious boundary process over the past several weeks. Rose said she wants the school system to use smart phone technology to translate meetings and memos home for families who speak languages other than English. Sheridan suggested that the board form an equity committee to continue the discussion about how to provide every student the best education, no matter their socioeconomic status.

“The best thing that has come out of what I’m calling the Plan 12 saga is this honest and difficult conversation that we have to have,” Sheridan said. “We need to develop policies that are threats of inequity and keep this conversation going.”

26 thoughts on “School Board Settles for Boundaries Compromise

  • 2016-03-30 at 6:17 am

    It is now the opportunity for all the educate don’t segregate group, NAACP, Univision, etc. to completely disappear as good liberals do, as they’ve done their initial work, but the “true” problem isn’t over over and we still have hundreds and hundreds of illegal and legal Latino minors who plague our schools by not speaking ENGLISH, which makes the learning environment slower for all students. If the educate don’t segregate folks could just keep their website keep going with volunteering programs such as getting the Latino community involved in the PTA’s, assisting at schools during the day, etc. I will check on Sarah’s Facebook, but will assume that the webpage will be deathly silent after today or this week. I hope the ruling, or possibly this comment will inspire some people, hopefully those within the Latino community to step-up to the plate and become leaders! I’m not try to sound harsh, but “putting a kid in school” or “sending your kid across a border unaccompanied” without fully knowing the preferred language, especially when they are unprepared to learn the preferred is an utter gutless and selfish act.

    • 2016-04-02 at 12:04 pm

      Leesburgs Finest…you are the gutless one, sitting behind your computer screen, attacking parents who had to make a gutwrenching decision. You have no idea what the parents, who have sent their children “unaccompanied” across the border endure. YOU have NO idea what the children who go through these journies, endure. Do you really think that the parents who make this decision do it because it is easy and because they are being selfish? Do you even know what is happening in El Salvador, Guatemela and Honduras? How dare you pass judgment on parents who are trying, in some cases, to LITERALLY save the lives of their children, by sending them across the border.

      It must be nice to be so incredibly wonderful and perfect that you can pass judgement on others.

      Oh, and by the way, when you start a sentence with “I’m not try (sic) to sound harsh, BUT”….you know full and well you sound harsh. And like a jerk.

      Your hope that your “comment will inspire some people, hopefully within the Latino community to step-up to the plate and become leaders” shows how out of touch you are. YOU, my friend, are not inspriring, nor a natural born learder. You are just a jerk.

  • 2016-03-30 at 9:01 am

    Quid Pro Quo anyone? DeKnipp’s kids who were at Sycolin Creek ES (SCES) are now at the one school that is now majorly underpopulated while SCES was left overcrowded for the next five years? The development (the one planned for Masons) cited isn’t even going to be built in the next five years. It will be over five years before it is even a factor in school attendance. More than enough time for new attendance boundaries to be drawn.

    Let’s review this whole debacle. 400 Kids moved from Creighton. 400 kids moved from SCES. 600 kids moved from Evergreen Mills. Why? The School Board has no respect for Parents and Students desire to build community. Ashburn is overcrowded, the rest of the County must pay for the sins of the developers is their mantra. You, the School Board, have failed this county.

  • 2016-03-30 at 12:04 pm

    LF – your comments are simply terrible. Calling any child a plague on our schools is atrocious. Your remarks remind me of stories my parents and grandparents told of the late 1800s an d early 1900s when they came to the US and the bigotry they had to endure. Calling parents gutless and selfish for wanting a better life for their children is shameful. You are definitely not the finest among Leesburg.

    • 2016-04-03 at 8:18 pm

      Career – when your child contracts the rarest of diseases, spends a week hooked-up to many machines, endures a massive amount of emotional and physical pain, etc., which could have killed her, and will leave her needing medical care the remainder of her life, and the folks at the hospital and pediatricians office provide you with data then ultimately convey that it is very sensitive and ” you may want to do some research” as my child contracted her illness through a 3rd world carrier and her only, only possible transmission was through school, which is laden with illegal immigrants not properly vetted for communicable diseases. Similar to VirginiaSGP, I could bore you with statistics, sue the county, etc., but don’t have his bankroll. Prince William County, and many other nationwide localities, have experienced previous outbreaks, including many deaths, directly related to Latino and other immigrant populations. Similar issues are happening in Europe, but liberals and governments aren’t quick to promote the health scares. As a proud parent, I would have wanted to know if a child like mine was as sick as she was, how she got sick, and if she was truly better before being reintroduced into the school around other kids. We could have let her return at any point and risked other children. Nobody ever asked us any questions about her returning to school which is laughable (no parents, administrators, etc.), and treated it similar to having a common cold, although her teacher and immediate classmates were truly amazing in showing support. Many of the kids at our local schools are here simply because their parents exploited them by allowing them to travel with gangs of hardened Mexican Mafia criminals, pedophiles, etc., so that they could gain entry into the USA as unaccompanied minors. Our President continues to exploit Loudoun County/Leesburg as “sanctuary cities” for illegal aliens, our schools fill-up and become over-crowded, our natural born citizen children are forced to learn beside those who don’t speak or understand basic ENGLISH that slows their learning but hey the Latinos learn their English, etc. To know me, I pick up others trash, I hold open doors for everyone including all races even Latinos, excluding last year we gave several thousand dollars each year to charity, I’ve taken sacks of new clothing to Plaza Street and distributed to the Latinos standing offset from 7-11, and I could tell you dozens of other exploits. I don’t need your preaching as I protect Leesburg like the police as it is my home. To many, it is just a place of residence, crash pad, tenament, etc. I will live my entire life here, which most people will become statistics, move on, use the government for whatever assistance that they can. I will still give, volunteer, etc. regardless. When it comes to protecting my child, and others at the schools, we have a problem. We also have language and assimilation issues that our Town has done NOTHING about. The Diversity Commission is an utter farce. Our mostly liberal Town Council won’t walk through Plaza Street and similar neighborhoods after dark on a Saturday night. Our ex-Mayor pandered to the community, in order to get votes, but did nothing of substance to enhance assimilation into our community, which is not one happy, homogenous family.

  • 2016-03-30 at 8:13 pm

    Folks should now turn their attention to LCPS policies.

    1. Let’s start with tracking. This means grouping classes by both skill and ability levels. It means not putting every single kid in a middle school “honors” class (that is supposed to be taught at a faster pace) because not everyone can keep up with a true honors class. At least do this for math and ELA.

    This would solve most of the problems. ESL students who are not ready for grade level material in English could be taught in other classes while still attending the same schools. The same for students who don’t learn as fast. Nobody is saying they are worth less as a person. They just simply can’t keep up at that pace. When marathons are run, nobody puts the slowest runners at the front so they block the faster runners.

    2. Next, let’s look at those best practices that caused Evergreen Mill, Rolling Ridge, Frederick Douglass and Guilford Elementary to get such good results. As an aside, isn’t it slightly ironic that rather than stigmatizing Guilford as the teacher of the year pointed out last May, we are celebrating the great work that Guilford has achieved? Those practices are not unique to ESL students. Things like aligning lesson plans with the standards. Heck, why do we have hundreds of different lesson plans for the same material anyway? Collect and identify the best (not a single one but several deemed most effective) and give those out to the teachers. Who in LCPS is responsible for coordinating these practices with all schools.

    3. Let’s distribute the funds fairly. Everyone always wants more than they get. Our school system as a whole is well-funded. Fairfax has 2x the rate of FRL and at least 1.5x the ESL rate. We have plenty of funds. But when our class sizes and resources are the same for schools with 5% FRL and those with 39% FRL, that’s not fair. The affluent kids (in schools with 5% FRL) will be fine in classes with 28 students teacher. The schools with 40% FRL are going to need more support. They might still have 23 students/class in the regular courses that maintain the county-wide pace. But they might need more teachers to teach those that need to catch up or can’t learn at the same pace. Give them more teachers from the funding that has been appropriated.

    4. And then, of course, the teachers. FDES, EMES, RRES and Guilford didn’t just get good results from “practices”. They had great teachers. Let’s see which teachers are most effective. At least put those teachers in the core subjects like math and ELA. Math has a larger variation of results so it would be best to keep the least effective teachers from teaching math as well as put the best ones into math. Nobody is talking about firing them, but right now, we are not looking at ANY objective data on teacher performance.

    ESL is a federal problem. Remember that when you vote in the national elections. But we must educate the children even if we don’t have to let them dictate the pace of learning in our schools. We are all “heartened” by Debbie Rose’s “deep-felt concerns” for these children. And Jill Turgeon, you have no need to worry. Giving every child a chance to go to school with talented, affluent students who have had years of support from their parents helps both FRL and non-FRL alike. What doesn’t help them is to be segregated in their own neighborhoods with only FRL students who have had little support at home. Your conscience is clear even if your polygraph sound off more than a Geiger counter at Chernobyl!

  • 2016-03-31 at 10:12 am

    Wow! I didn’t have a dog in this fight but does the school board really have a right or even the legal ability to treat Hispanic children in Leesburg differently from every other non-Hispanic student? Based on what I just read it sounds like Hispanic kids are being bussed to many different schools only because of the language they speak and their families income?

    • 2016-04-01 at 4:16 pm

      Silent Majority: First of all, the school board began balancing the schools in 1997…distributing those with economic challenges across the schools so that one or two individual schools would not be concentrated, while the surrounding schools were not. It is not difficult or burdensome to maintain this practice in central loudoun. the triangle area the vast majority of ELL and FRL students reside in does not have walkability to FDES or LES, so the children have to get on a bus, regardless. the families consulted expressed that they would rather their children attend balanced schools than go to a neighborhood school that ends up being highly concentrated with FRL and ELL

      So to be clear, the children you call “hispanic kids” are not suddenly being bussed. They are remaining at the schools they’ve been at. and, the department of justice is currently involved with cases in Prince William and other states for doing what was almost done in central loudoun. So, to answer your question, yes, it is perfectly legal to balance out inequities. The focus is on balancing out socioeconomic populations. Not about treating “Hispanic Kids” differently.

      • 2016-04-01 at 4:58 pm

        So your ok with treating them differently Leesburger? interesting. I never said anything about bussing by the way, I understand that. The problem is that we do this no where else in the county, why are we doing it here? Have you spoken to the DOJ? Not surprised we’ve gotten nothing but crickets from Mr. Thompson. I am curious as to his perspective on dispersing all of the African American students. I think there could be some great benefits for them. While we’re at it, lets sprinkle a few Indians around as well, that should increase average test scores across the board. Right? Oh, and its not the fact that they are being bussed that confuses me. its the fact that they are bussed all over the place for no good reason but to not impact home values and Caucasian students test scores. Your all a bunch of racists.

        • 2016-04-03 at 12:44 pm

          Ok. Let me dumb this down for you Silent Majority, because I see you are struggling to wrap your brain around it.
          First: the “Plaza St” neighborhoods–the triangle area– is not just Latino. It is multi racial and multi ethnic. It has a high concentration of ELL and FRL students. The current school boards’ plans 3 and 12 opted to concentrate them into one or two schools, under the guise of proximity. While, yes, FDES and LES are the closest schools to this area, the vast majority of children in the triangle are unable to walk to ANY school bc it is unsafe. So taking a bus is not burdensome or difficult because they already do it.

          Next. Your assumptions about me are way off. My children are at a school with the one of highest level of ELL and FRL in central Loudoun. And I love it. What I don’t love was a plan that concentrates challenges with co funding or assistance to staff. That is that folks like you keep missing. There was no plan to fund. The school board members said they would not take funding away from Sterling. And there was not much help by way of the differentiated staffing formula. That left the schools that would now be with incredibly high concentrations of challenges and at risk populations dependent on a budget process. Oh, and this years budget is already $17 Million short. So please show us how the schools would benefit by not having any funding, but 50/60% ELL and FRL.

          LASTLY, you say you don’t have a dog in the fight. Perhaps that is why you are so ill informed. Instead of grasping at straws and spewing your crap, do your research and read the information that is there. Look at the numbers. And the budget. And the SOL scores. Then talk to me.

      • 2016-04-01 at 7:51 pm

        Oh and “it’s not difficult or burdensome to make this practice”….is that a serious comment? Look at how many boundary process central Loudoun has gone through over the years….this plan sounds like several schools are bursting at the seams and have more kids coming? How is that difficult or burdensome? Because you maintained real estate value and were able to regulate how many Hispanic kids were permitted in your kids classroom maybe it wasn’t burdensome on you… ms rose stated, shameful!

  • 2016-03-31 at 12:11 pm

    Silent Majority, it’s not about treating Hispanics differently. If it were a pure racial quota system, you would be correct in stating that would be illegal. It’s about balancing out poverty regardless of race. Studies clearly show it’s more difficult to education FRL or non-FRL students in a school with high rates of poverty. Thus, many districts try to even out school poverty rates with minimal busing to not overload any given school. Both some white and blacks see minimal busing (2-3 miles) in Leesburg to help spread out the poverty rates.

    As far as this being isolated to Leesburg, that is false. In December 2012, Rose/Hornberger and the rest voted to split Lansdowne in half, bus one portion 5 miles down the road past 3 other closer schools in part to alleviate Steuart Weller’s high FRL rates (brought it down to 20%). Hornberger has since stated he sees this as a “permanent solution” and has no intention of ever bringing those Lansdowne kids back to a “neighborhood” school. The notion that Hornberger supports “neighborhood schools”, even in his own district of Ashburn that includes Lansdowne, is the biggest joke I have ever heard. Hornberger supports his allies and favorites wherever they may be. And, in general he prioritizes Ashburn over all other districts. Ashburn, of which I am a part, could have accepted some of the Dulles overflow this past fall. Our schools are more closely aligned with Dulles than Leesburg. There was no need to dump so many students into Leesburg causing a crisis this large. But every other school board member relents to Hornberger’s demands as chairman that Ashburn remains untouched. I have no idea why. Maybe one day they will wake up and realize they have been led astray by this corrupt politician. Maybe that day will be when they are testifying on the witness stand about civil rights violations (this would likely have never happened had the other board members not listened to Hornberger in Jan-2015). We shall see.

    • 2016-03-31 at 1:22 pm

      Intended or unintended, disparate impacts are real and illegal when they have negative impacts on particular populations. Sounds like you have other personal issues to deal with, thanks for the reply.

  • 2016-03-31 at 1:19 pm

    This decision was tough because of all the emotions that had built up around the issue. We hope that in the future the School Board will do a better job in explaining its decisions. Could Plan 12 have worked, maybe, but, the School Board provided little to no information to explain how it would meet and fund the requirements of Title 1 and address having that many ELL and FRL students in the subject schools. Yes, there was some success in Sterling with Title 1 schools, and, that success should have studied and a clear plan to replicate it in Leesburg Schools provided to the public.

    In the end, the complaints of wealthy citizens should not drive public policy. Plus transparency must be part of the process The modified Plan 8 was presented with no real prior notice or option to comment. The bottom line in Loudoun County as in much of the Country, demographics are changing. Our leaders, both nationally and local must figure out how to deal with that reality.

    The NAACP will continue to advocate for more diversity and stands ready to work with any and all groups interested in preserving the American Dream for all citizens.

    • 2016-03-31 at 5:20 pm

      Mr. Thompson, again no dog in the fight but I’ve watched as the process has been interesting. I was wondering why your team advocated for the educate don’t segregate group? As I look through their page on Facebook I see a very non-diverse crowd who is talking more about the impact of title one schools on the value of their homes and the negative impact that diversity will have on their children.

      I find it confusing that the NAACP would advocate to bus minoritiees to sprinkle them throughout the county. Would this be the same case if the plaza street community was primarily African American? Would the NAACP bus in families to protest and speak publicly to sprinkle African American kids so everyone had an equal amount?

      wouldnt that be considered racist? Curious to hear your opinion if the tables were turned.

    • 2016-04-01 at 9:34 pm

      Where was the NAACP when the boundary lines were first drawn for FDES? Why weren’t you concerned about the Plaza Street community then? Maybe they could have had more input had you gone to them. LCPS failed at the time. Nor were they interested. But NAACP and Leesburg Dems did nothing. I guess you would not have gained anything politically if they had said they would have been thrilled to go to a local school, one they could call their home. But being able now to get out the dog whistle and use the word segregation was too much of a temptation, no?

      • 2016-04-02 at 8:28 pm

        Philip Thompson appears to be a coward and really not interested in our children’s best interest. He took time to write but now won’t respond to simple questions…

        I see similarities in personality traits of SGP AND THOMPSON. They seek only to further their agenda without regard to negative impacts on Loudoun families…talk about shameful…

  • 2016-03-31 at 5:28 pm

    I look forward to seeing the educate don’t segregate and other groups move forward in their efforts. Is there an opportunity for us desegregate schools in sterling? Surely, a dedicated group such as educate don’t segregate isn’t going to stop now that they’ve been able to sprinkle Hispanic kids throughout leesburg. Based on what I’ve seen at some middle and high schools there is significant injustice occurring with African Americans and Hispanic students concentrated all over Loudoun. Can we count on educate don’t segregate to continue the fight now that they’ve been able regulate real estate values and the number of minorities who are allowed to attend their schools in leesburg?

  • 2016-04-01 at 6:28 pm

    silent majority, I’m sorry you don’t fully understand the post.

    The reason why there are disparate impacts is because:

    1. having schools with high FRL rates lower academic performance of students above and beyond their individual family’s poverty might predict

    2. plan 12 segregated specific racial groups (both blacks and Hispanics) into schools with high FRL rates. See #1 above. As I mentioned in other posts, black students in that Leesburg triangle (at least 8% of students in the district are black) have as much or more standing than Hispanic students.

    You see, if all of the kids were of the same race (say white) but the poor students were concentrated in the Leesburg triangle, plan 12 is legal. There is no law against segregating poor kids despite what some might want.

    If all of the schools had 5% FRL populations but neighborhoods had different racial makeups (some mostly Hispanic, some mostly white, some mostly black), there would be no disparate impacts and attempts to group by neighborhood (effectively by race) would have been viable. You can’t have disparate impacts if the schools are equally effective – thus no disparate impacts.

    I’m sorry you do not want to debate me because you realize I will eviscerate your arguments. Your poor attempt at dismissing me based on other factors was transparent and rather futile. Work on your logic a little more before you post next time.

    • 2016-04-02 at 8:22 pm

      Hey now sailer, watch yourself. Just heard the educate don’t segregate group banished you Brian. That stinks huh, poor guy can’t catch a break. Listen, keep on trucking, move on to the next vote and the next group of parents who will quickly realize your a complete quack. Oh and stop claiming you have a “high level” clearance cause you ain’t got nothing!!!!!!! I looked it up!!!

  • 2016-04-02 at 8:24 pm

    Mr. Thompson, I’m anxious for your response. Why are you leaving the public with cricket chirps? Will we be sprinkling African Americans throughout the county or not? Or, are you simply ok just advocating that we do it with poor Hispanic families?

    • 2016-04-03 at 8:23 pm

      I believe if there were a house fire with 10 kids to save, 5 being white and 5 being Latino, and only 5 could be actually be saved, Mr. Thompson would run past the white kids to save the Latino kids. Either way, 5 lives would be lost, but I think you get my dumb analogy.

  • 2016-04-03 at 1:02 am

    silent majority, I see you are so confident in your argument that you make exactly zero rebuttals of anything I say. Very “impressive” to say the least.

    First, you say you “looked it up” regarding my clearance. While I’m not a security officer, I’m pretty sure that it’s illegal to use access to JPAS without a legitimate reason. You can’t just go spying on your enemies so to speak. Regardless, you clearly are lying since your claims about my clearance are false based on this exhibit provided to circuit court.

    Second, you just committed libel stating that I have no clearance. I hope you realize that these online records are accessible via a court order and McAuliffe recently made them easier to obtain. Maybe I will get around to your nonsense once I am done with Plowman, VDOE, and LCSB.

    Many folks on here use the term “ad hominem” inappropriately. Claiming that a board member’s inability to understand research on school integration makes her uniquely unqualified to objectively vote on that issue is not an ad hominem attack. It’s directly related to the issue. Trying to pass somebody off as a “quack” without addressing a single point they made is an ad hominem attack and not a particularly effective one. So riddle me this. Why would an attorney enter into a contingency agreement to try a civil rights case against a sitting Commonwealth Attorney if he didn’t think he would win? Doesn’t get paid unless he wins. Or why would Chairwoman Phyllis Randall rescind a Facebook ban within 24 hours unless the county attorney told her she was about to lose in federal court? (see comments below post) You simply don’t know what you don’t know.

    As to the Educate Don’t Segregate folks, they have not banned me. They simply want to maintain the “high ground” with segregationists. I posted a link to Debbie Rose’s nervous breakdown at the March 29 LCSB meeting and they thought that was a little sensitive for them. They removed the post but have not blocked me at all. In fact, we had a running debate on ad hominem which they understand about as well as you do apparently.

    We have a lot of pretenders in Loudoun. They “think” they know what they’re talking about. Our politicians have been able to get away with all kinds of stuff because no capable individual has ever called them on it. The LCSB simply picked a fight with the wrong person this time. Their attorneys (and possibly the Supt) have committed perjury/fraud and they will get taken to the cleaners in federal court. You will get a front row seat.

    • 2016-04-03 at 12:36 pm

      A TS isn’t “high level”, they are a dime a dozen and it’s a small community….good luck with your case(s).

  • 2016-04-03 at 2:04 pm

    silent majority, I never claimed that I had SCI access or anything related to the intelligence community. The point is that the SSBI investigation is very extensive and except for possibly Morse, is much greater than any of the school board presently maintain.

    It is quite clear that although the legal community claims to have integrity, most of them do not and simply look the other way when a lawyer is caught lying even in court. You know full well that if anyone with a clearance was caught knowingly lying on a material fact, they wouldn’t have that clearance for very long. James Hundley sits on the Virginia State Bar disciplinary committee and yet is defending Jim Plowman for violating civil rights by trying to censor comments about Julia Judkins and Stephen DeVita committing fraud and/or perjury in Loudoun County Circuit Court. Hundley has an obligation to report both DeVita and Judkins according to the ethical rules but there is little to no chance that he will actually comply with his professional responsibilities. Are you seriously defending these actions by “honest” attorneys?

    I get it. You want to segregate kids by SES and race. Yet you don’t want to publicly argue your points because it is so obviously segregation or worse. You can’t respond to any logical arguments because frankly, you simply aren’t that bright. You like to think of yourself as smart and rational but are simply too lazy to do the research on the underlying issues, rather like Debbie Rose. Congratulations, you are one of the pretender class of Loudoun County. Those are a dime a dozen too.

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