Former Loudoun Deputy Convicted in Embezzlement Case

A former Loudoun County deputy faces a federal prison sentence after being convicted of embezzling more than $229,000 from the county’s asset forfeiture fund.

Frank Michael Pearson, 45, of Winchester, was convicted after a bench trial in Federal District Court on March 31 on four counts of theft.

According to court records and evidence presented during the trial, Pearson was designated as the deputy responsible for overseeing the asset forfeiture program starting in 2006. Beginning in early 2010 and continuing through October 2013, Pearson stole money from the fund on 80 separate occasions. The money was seized by deputies in drug cases.

Prosecutors said he concealed the thefts by making false statements to his coworkers and others about the timing and fact of whether he had deposited seized money into a Sheriff’s Office escrow account at a local bank. For example, there were two occasions when investigators said Pearson re-used an old deposit slip from an unrelated case and passed it off as a new deposit slip to conceal the fact that he had not deposited all of the money entrusted to him. Another time, Pearson took money seized in one case and passed it off as money that had been seized in another case.

Pearson will be sentenced on June 17, and faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison on each of the four counts.

The thefts began under the administration of Sheriff Stephen O. Simpson and continued when current Sheriff Mike Chapman took over in 2011. The investigation of the thefts began in 2013.

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