Loudouners Join Day of Action Rallies to Push for Clean Power

Loudoun activists working to fight climate change gathered in Leesburg’s courthouse square Saturday to join a statewide rally pushing for carbon reductions.

Rallies were planned in 13 locations around Virginia to support the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, which calls for a significant reduction in carbon pollution from power plants.

Day of Action            About two dozen people participated in the Leesburg rally, which was sponsored by 350 Loudoun, Sustainable Loudoun, Sierra Club and Chesapeake Climate Action Network. They heard updates on the status of regulatory efforts to address climate change, shared suggestions for reducing their individual carbon footprint, and signed petitions urging Gov. Terry McAuliffe to push a clean power plan in Virginia.



Day of Action

One thought on “Loudouners Join Day of Action Rallies to Push for Clean Power

  • 2016-04-03 at 3:48 pm

    Hillary Clinton couldn’t say it any better, nor this group of activists, as they couldn’t care more than to destroy the coal and petroleum industries, and the average jobs/livelihoods that go along with them. Their ideology won’t allow them to have a belief system in “well diversified” energy sources, although they will tell you they do, but only the ones they prefer. We need all available energy sources, so that we can stop making deals with our enemies, watching our national debt catastrophically increase, bring more jobs back to the USA, etc. What you don’t need is for the President and his EPA and DOJ as the attack-dogs purposely destroying an industry due to their ideology. We had an opposite issues prior to 7.5 years ago with the previous President being in bed with the petroleum industry and not diversifying our National interests. I wish we could get someone in the White House, with some common sense and no political ideology. The amazing thing is this group is a patsy for the Uber-rich who will profit from their activism. The President continues to doll out Liberal energy “contracts” to all of his “friends” and he will be handsomely rewarded once he expedites the White House shortly. I didn’t see our soon to be next Mayor of Leesburg, Kelly Burk, in the photos, but she is tied heavily into the group or at least was. There isn’t a rally, or an uninformed decision to raise our taxes, that she doesn’t like. Many of these local rallies seem harmless, and a great cause as who doesn’t want to continue to protect our environment, but have greater implications in the broader perspective. I’m sure 350 Loudoun and our Governor were very busy trying to portray all republicans as being evil and bent of destroying the planet (along with Mr. Trump).

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