Letter: Lou Gros Louis, Lansdowne

Dear Editor: Congratulations to our new Loudoun County Board of Supervisors for its resistance to the invasion of T-shirted Loudoun County School officials and parents who storm the board chambers every year trying to intimidate good folks from even asking questions about various items in the school budget and coercing supervisors into approving the full budget submitted.

As a result of their negotiation skills, in concert with their commitment to control excess spending, our elderly, handicapped, and those who live pay check to pay check will now face a 1-cent increase in the tax rate this year while school officials will still receive a single year increase of $58 million.

Red roses of respect and admiration to our Board of Supervisors for its work on our tax rate. When this writer walked in the same shoes as our supervisors, we used to maintain a list of all big spending orators who claimed to have no problem with raising taxes to achieve their goals and then we checked the list again to see how many orators still lived in our community after the tax bills were mailed out.

However, our Board of Supervisors deserves to be the target of arrows of disappointment for the worst decision since my ancestors lived in tepees along Goose Creek. They should hang their heads in shame and be made to stand in the corner of the board chambers for “donating” $150,000 of our tax dollars to the richest community in Loudoun County because community officials cancelled their annual fair based upon a weather forecast of a potential hurricane that never materialized. Local community officials claimed a “great loss of income” as a result of the cancellation that they themselves made. The cancellation was not made by our Board of Supervisors. Regardless of where the funds are taken from to provide this “gift,” the decision by our supervisors will, in most taxpayers’ minds, go down as one of the worst decisions of this century only topped by a previous board’s decision to make us a financial partner of the mismanaged Washington DC Metro system.

Does this poor decision to donate $150,000 of our tax dollars to the richest community in Loudoun County mean that if rain falls on the annual Leesburg flower show, the charity races at Morven Park, or any fund-raising events scheduled by our Loudoun County schools that Loudoun taxpayers will have to subsidize the loss for each?

This writer would bet his last patooty that Leesburg’s flower show draws more folks to Loudoun, spending more money, than attends the community fair receiving such a “gift.” This action certainly deserves arrows of disbelief rather than roses of admiration and respect.

As a captain on a volunteer fire department for 10 years and the dad of a paramedic/firefighter daughter and a paramedic/firefighter son-in-law, both of whom were severely injured with broken backs suffered on their jobs and will spend the rest of their lives disabled and in intense daily pain, I challenge the officials of Loudoun County’s richest community to donate their $150,000 gift of taxpayers’ money to our fire and rescue service where it can be used on behalf of all Loudoun residents and not a selected few.

Lou Gros Louis, Lansdowne

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