Leesburg Commission Again Delays Action On Crescent Parke

There’s still no action on a major Leesburg rezoning application, and it looks like yet another trip to the Leesburg Planning Commission is in Crescent Parke’s future.

The application seeks approval for 198 townhouses, 96 stacked townhouses and 96 multifamily dwelling units. Nonresidential uses would include a maximum of 110,550 square feet of office space, 137,175 square feet of retail, an area for a future hotel, and a 2,000-square-foot community

Crescent Parke
Crescent Parke

room. The 53-acre site stretches from the terminus of Gateway Drive to Davis Drive along the edge of the Leesburg Bypass. The land assemblage also includes the Olde Izaak Walton Park, land currently leased by the town but which developer Lansdowne Development Group would donate to the town.

On Thursday night, commissioners spent several hours combing through outstanding concerns about the application, including proffers for transportation improvements and the contribution of Olde Izaak Walton Park to the town. The application was last before the commission in February, when the applicant requested some time to work through commissioners’ concerns. But it appears the commission needs even more time than that.

Two motions were put forward by Commissioner Sharon Babbin—one to send the application to the Town Council with a recommendation of approval and another to forward the application without a recommendation. Both failed to gain a second. Commissioner Doris Kidder was absent for the votes.

After both motions failed, attorney Randy Minchew of Walsh Colucci, who is representing the applicant, asked commissioners whether the applicant needed to be present for the April 21 meeting, saying he believed they had done all they could. He even recommended that the commission forward the application to the Town Council with a list of concerns for council members to work through.

“Respectfully, it’s time to move forward on this three-year-old application,” he said.

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