Letter: Nicole Reid, Leesburg

Editor: Educate Don’t Segregate (EDS) would like to publicly thank the community for its overwhelmingly positive support during the recent elementary school rezoning process for Central Loudoun. Through community outreach, EDS was able to gather nearly 1,400 signatures from people all over Loudoun County who opposed the School Board’s Plan 12 and supported our principles of equity and balance, community connection, minimal disruption and financial viability/instructional efficiency.

To those folks who volunteered their time reaching out to members of the community who were unaware of the rezoning plans, thank you for spreading the word. EDS would also like express deep appreciation to members of the Leesburg community who provided resources and funding for transportation to the March 29 School Board meeting. Mayor David Butler graciously responded to our request for transportation to the meeting by securing the Paxton Campus van for community use that evening. With the financial support of Councilman Marty Martinez and NAACP Loudoun, EDS also contracted a bus through VA Rides. Both the Paxton Campus van and the bus provided transportation to and from the meeting for community members who would not have been able to attend otherwise. The VA Rides driver was extremely helpful and patient. When families were ready to head home, he was willing to make several trips, dropping off families closer to their homes rather than having them walk in the dark from the bus pick up area.

To all of these individuals, businesses and organizations, Educate Don’t Segregate extends our sincerest gratitude. EDS could not have done all that we accomplished without your help and support. We look forward to working hand in hand with the greater Leesburg and Loudoun community in the future.

Nicole Reid, Leesburg


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