Letter: Brian Allman, Ashburn

Editor: Who is going to lead the charge for the Loudoun County Police Department?

I would have. As sheriff, I would have been constantly lobbying the Board of Supervisors to do it and to do it now. I would have been pushing the idea every minute of every day to the Board of Supervisors to form a committee and start exploring what really needs to be done and how much it will cost the taxpayer, which is very small, since the infrastructure is already in place.

Polls in the former Leesburg Today newspaper indicated that the majority of Loudoun citizens wanted a police department. Republican county chairman candidate Charlie King supported the idea. County Chairwoman Phyllis J. Randall, a Democrat, said she would look into the idea and yet nothing has happened and I predict nothing will ever happen either; politicians will tell you anything to simply get your vote.

To form the Loudoun County Police Department will take a whole lot more than a few newspaper stories and the crying of the Fraternal Order of Police about deputy transfers. With 38,000 plus citizens voting for Sheriff Chapman, the sheriff clearly has a mandate. Citizens like the sheriff’s style of leadership, management as well as his competency. I do, too, and I am a Democrat. I just wish Sheriff Chapman shared the view that it’s time to form the Loudoun County Police Department as the majority of Loudoun citizens and I do.

Brian Allman, Ashburn

[The writer was the Democratic nominee for Loudoun County Sheriff in 2015.]

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  • 2016-04-25 at 4:09 pm


    The result of the last election, which happens to be the true measure of what the citizens of this county want, was pretty clear to me: you could not even garner 14% of the votes. Chapman got over 60% while Simpson who was late to the party and ran as an independent got over 25%.

    You were backed by a party that has strong support in the county, and you failed.

    Maybe it has to do with your assistant’s inability to spell Loudoun properly. That was a good one Mr. Allman.

    Maybe it has to do with your delusion that Eric Noble would serve in your administration and his public rebuttal of your announcement.

    Maybe it has something to do with the circus that was the defamation lawsuit filing against Roeder.

    And maybe it is because you announced you would strip citizens of this county from the ability to choose their Sheriff, and asked them to use that very ability to allow you to reach that goal. You didn’t really believe we’d fall for it did you?!.

    Thankfully, online polls are widely recognized for the irrelevant tools they are. Ask supervisor Randall. She tried the same trick to raise taxes. Didn’t work too well either.

    • 2016-04-25 at 9:32 pm

      I would just like to correct Mr. Allman. PBA or Police Benevolent Association Executive Director Sean McGowan was the person and organization interviewed in the article. The Fraternal Order Of Police was not involved.

      John H. Ohrnberger
      Fraternal Order of Police
      Loudoun-Dulles Lodge #69
      P.O. Box 6304
      Leesburg, VA 20178


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