Former Supervisor Files Appeal of Assault Conviction

The case against former Broad Run District Supervisor Shawn M. Williams will continue in Loudoun County Circuit Court.

Williams pleaded guilty April 13 in Loudoun District Court to charges of assault and battery, and unlawful entry of a neighbor’s home. He was sentenced to pay a fine and faced a suspended jail sentence. Williams had asked the judge for a deferred finding that would allow the convictions to be expunged from his record, provided he complied with conditions set by the court. At the urging of the victim in the case, the judge declined that request.

The case stems from an early morning altercation that happened Sept. 6, 2015, after a neighborhood Labor Day cookout. According to witness accounts and evidence presented in court, at some point during the day, Williams heard talk leading him to question whether his wife had been unfaithful. About 1 a.m., Williams sought to confront neighbors about the allegations. He banged on the door of one neighbor, but was not allowed in. He then went to the home of another neighbor and pushed his way in.

At the time, Williams, 44, was running for the Republican nomination for the county chairman’s seat on the Board of Supervisors. Following his arrest, Williams dropped from the race and then resigned his board seat. He also lost his job and is getting a divorce.

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