Letter: Shannon M. Geraghty, Woodbridge

Editor: I just read your piece on teen suicides in Loudoun. In fact, suicides are on the increase all over the country.

We have had our share in Prince William County Schools—one in February and one in April. The students at Forest Park High School last year had a Suicide Awareness Walk. It was a 6-mile walk from their schoolto Hylton High School. More than 800 people came. It was the first high school-led walk in the country.

On May 21, the second Annual Walk will take place at Forest Park. Senator McPike be the keynote speaker and Congressman Connolly say a few words as well.

The students and people from all over will walk from Forest Park to Hylton and back.

We would like to invite anyone to come and be present for this event, because together we can take the U out of suicide. Please join us.

Shannon M. Geraghty, Woodbridge

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