Letter: Norman Duncan, Ashburn

 Editor: Any resemblance to our area is coincidental. I just returned from a few days in New York City and  I was amazed at the transportation costs and the traffic congestion all over the City.
The  fumes from cars and buses must be fatal to those on the street and I would assume  they experience a high incidence of congestive heart failure, asthma or other diseases from fuel discharges.  For the so called  “City of Cities” known for its bread, food, theater, museums, MET  claiming millions of visitors this is a horrible adventure and like myself I was getting shortness of breath and was glad to get on the train back to Union Station. Fortunately, I arrived in D.C. after the rush hour and had a family pickup back to Ashburn.
This tour de force ( I am a retired transportation logistics consultant) causes me to look at our gateway in Northern Virginia to minimize highway fumes since we do not have much pedestrian traffic my thought is to minimize personal car congestion with bus service.
My comment relates to three major routes that is needed that should be considered. In my opinion, I am proposing that our planners take a hard look at corrective measures that can be employed prior to 2020 if and when the Silver Line is completed.: An inter-county bus program.
Rt. 50 from west Aldie to Roslyn: Eliminate the Rt. 28 nightmare with a bus lane—(express or local service).
Dulles to Reagan Airport through service: Make passenger transfers more direct without a Metro transfer point.
Rt 7: Create a Leesburg to Reagan route with intermittent stops.
I am suggesting VDOT or a contractor do a feasibility study with a report to all the counties involved and have a direct service in place before the Silver Line completion and as an added congestion reliever when the rail service is operative.
Norman Duncan, Ashburn

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