CAMPUS Celebrates 103 Seniors

CAMPUS honored 103 graduating seniors at Loudoun County schools at a ceremony Tuesday.

The program, formerly called College Achievement Minority Program for Unique Students, provides academic and college preparation for students from poor families or single-parent families, those who would be the first in their family to graduate from college, or come from a historically underrepresented population in education. Students in the program attend CAMPUS meetings and classes during the school day and CAMPUS activities, including visits to colleges and universities, throughout the year. Superintendent Dr. Eric Williams, who spoke at the ceremony, said the program encourages students to both dream and plan for success.

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“Through your participation in CAMPUS, you have demonstrated that you believe in both dreaming and planning,” Williams said.

CAMPUS students, dressed in their graduation robes and mortarboards, heard from former NFL defensive back and business owner Jason Belser. He said the program is about creating strong, resilient students who go on to be stable and self-reliant.

“Most importantly, I want you to remember that our dreams can become a reality,” Belser said. “Don’t give up on them. Follow the plan. Because if you don’t, someone else is dreaming, and they may share the same dream that you have.”

CAMPUS seniors were presented with a certificate of accomplishment, a yellow rose, and an honor cord to wear at graduation.

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