Letter: Anthony V. Fasolo, Leesburg

Editor: I am writing in order to try to clarify some mis-conceptions some have about Evan Macbeth, who is running for a seat on the Leesburg Town Council.  Some letters have been submitted without a signature but I will let you know who I am and also define what I mean when I use the certain terms such as Liberal, Democrat or Community.

I am a LIBERAL (definition= one who is open to new ideas, gives of himself generously, thinks of others first, is charitable and altruistic).

I am a DEMOCRAT (Definition = one who believes in working with people, serving the underserved and that it benefits all of us to help the weakest and the poorest among us) and voted for President Obama twice, as did the majority of people in Loudoun County both times he ran for President.  I have worked with Evan Macbeth on the Loudoun Democratic Committee and find him to be an energetic altruistic person who only wants what is best the (entire) community.  His recent endeavor concerning the recent re-districting efforts by the Loudoun County School board is but one example. He also was a very active member of the Exeter Home Owners Association (HOA) who made his voice heard when he lived here in Exeter.

COMMUNITY:  The word “community” was used by one anonymous letter writer who said that we did not have a COMMUNITY because not everyone spoke English here and not everyone attended local parades on the Fourth of July or other times.  This letter writer just described what happens in many, many places in the USA. However, a community is not defined by what language they speak or how many parades they attend.  To me a community is made up of people who live in a certain area, want to make a living for themselves and their families and work together to solve problems. I like Leesburg because it very DIVERSE COMMUNITY and was recognized recently as being one of the best places to live in the USA. There is history here, good schools, good shopping, great services (especially medical services) and jobs (I still see many Help Wanted signs). The town council led by LIBERAL members, most notably Mayor, now Supervisor, Kristen Umstattd has kept the small town feel and been good fiscal stewards by keeping our taxes low while still providing needed services.  My wife and I have lived here since 1994 after moving 24 times in my 35 years of Army Service and 55 years of marriage and consider Leesburg our home (thanks in large part to the LIBERALS on the town council).  So I do want another LIBERAL on the council and Evan Macbeth is just the right person for the job.

Anthony V. Fasolo, Leesburg

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  • 2016-05-27 at 10:45 am

    Antecedence = What “unsigned letters” are you referring to about Mr. Fasolo?

    No newspaper accepts unsigned letters.

  • 2016-05-28 at 6:34 am

    For those of you new to the new to voting world and living in Leesburg, Virginia, Evan MacBeth will be running for Town Council this November. It is my attempt to block his efforts to gain a seat as there are others, even a “Democrat” that I would suggest voting for in lieu of him. During some of my previous postings, I offered that there were numerous websites that illustrate his extremely far left wing (liberal) agenda. Anthony has offered that Evan has been “misrepresented” by some of my postings, which is an inaccurate statement and I want to further clarify a few points. “A liberal is one who is open to new ideas” is your statement….. If Evan is elected, realizing that he is not the type to support traditional non-liberal functions like the Christmas Parade (OK, holiday), Christmas Tree (and other types) display at the courthouse, Independence Day Parade, etc. who is to say that a Hillary and Bernie FORWARD THINKING person like Evan won’t defund the very heritage and culture that makes this Town so great!?!? You see Anthony, people like us are generous with our money through church and many charities, we hand delivered clothing to strangers on Plaza Street and through charities, we tutor Latino children through elementary school, we give extra tips to what appears to be a struggling black or Latino waiter or waitress, etc. You liberals don’t get it…. We aren’t republican or conservative… I’m certainly not a liberal…. I actually loathe all politicians because our country is so utterly broken and corrupt…. I loathe Clinton, Bernie and Trump….. Anthony – maybe you need to watch an episode of Little House on the Prairie and then take a walk on Plaza Street and get back to me on the your meaning of “community” as I am still laughing…… By the way, Dave Butler is “Mayor” because our previous Mayor abandoned us, not because he was elected…. With all the help signs are you falling over the “going out of business signs”??? Small town feel is a liberal phrase meaning “we are in the midst of developing the very last parcel of land and the bad traffic, pollution, etc. is just going to get worse!!!” Anthony, Anthony…. Have you actually ever looked at the budget, gone to a Town Council meeting, watched the masses of online meetings, etc. I would probably think that is a big ZERO to both you and Evan, but please check out every single, well, every, every, every, tax on the books… Our liberal Town has more taxes for a small town than probably any town in this great Country. You are either Bill Gates or Ray Charles as we are getting crucified with taxes, but most are buried here and there as all taxes are. Every time you eat out in Leesburg, your $10.00 bill becomes $11.00. One last thing, I don’t blindly follow politicians the same as I do sports teams. I watch people on tv fanatically support Trump, Bernie, etc., which is mind-boggling when you don’t even know the person, if he/she is lying, etc. In summation, you would support a dead tree if it were a liberal and running for Town Council. The dead tree in this respect just happens to be Evan MacBeth, a man who will in every respect, vote for the rights of an illegal Latino over the rights of my daughter, a Caucasian American Citizen. Evan’s causes continue to significantly affect the African American population of this Country, who truly need to wake-up and realize that they have been exploited and that under Obama their unemployment has doubled and that they’ve been essentially displaced from many parts of Leesburg (Plaza Street). The Billions thrown at illegal immigration could have done great things to the African American Communities across this country yet they continue to be further victimized everyday due to illegal immigration. If Evan MacBeth had just been born a generation or two ago, he would likely be further radicalized, an armed thug of the DNC, a paid “consultant traveling to and from every Trump rally waiting to spit on cops, burn things, destroy personal property and create mayhem. These are the liberals, these are the democrats, these are the liberals, these are the democrats that Anthony and Evan are and support. Please vote for them, so that they can change our “small” town. While they are at it, perhaps their forward thinking liberal ideology can jump into the Target and School Bathrooms, and they can impose their, one day I am a girl the next I am a boy, but I can choose my gender at a whim while I am staring at your daughter changing as she has no rights……… Perhaps as this is LIBERAL, but only if you aren’t the President and your two daughters are beyond wealthy, going to private school, have tons of secret service, have all white friends, etc. Sorry for the rant as this was not prepared and only after 2 hours of sleep…. I do appreciate differing opinions, and regardless of how I come across in print, am gracious and kind to all persons in Leesburg and elsewhere. I fight my causes, but am anti-deportation and anti-legalization, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not human. We all ultimately need to live together and I cherish all lives. How we opt to assimilate, or don’t, is a different battle.

  • 2016-05-28 at 7:10 am

    Sorry for the tirade Chris… He was referring to me… I welcome a public round of questioning with Evan MacBeth and have about 20 extremely good questions, but would like one of the local papers (Loudoun Now) to attend…. And an unedited printing of the responses…. He would need to post answers on all his FB pages… I promise that I would be extremely professional, polite, etc…. I always am…. This is way too far out from the election… I have a feeling he will be much like Hillary and opt out of this one and lawyer up…. It would be a good opportunity to reach the audience with some tough questions and differentiate himself from Ron…. I am certain to be vilified regardless and welcome Evan as he would probably need to call upon his DNC “friends” to chant at me…. I’ve dealt with unions and DNC thuggery my entire life, so Evan’s type is very predictable….

    My only intent would be to exploit his extreme liberal ideology and to show that he cannot represent ALL persons of this Town as his bias affects his ability to function. He either needs to starts snapping (staging) a ton of photos of white children to put on his Facebook pages, holiday events that he never attended, etc. His bias is brown, brown, brown, black, black, brown, black, brown, etc. It may seem that I am playing the reverse racism role, but I have worked extensively in the inner cities of DC, Baltimore and Richmond, without escorts (and I’m white), and I’ve been exposed to more reverse racism that our entire town combined. I’ve also unfortunately been exposed to the plight, and the best of humanity in the inner city. I honor our multi-cultural community, and my three Latino neighbors, but not to the point where Evan MacBeth and a liberal Town Council will pander to the illegal and immigrant community who is not the driving and tax-paying force in OUR community.

  • 2016-05-28 at 8:24 am

    Anthony – I wanted to illustrate one last point about liberal lunacy as it relates to Evan MacBeth and his type of thought process. When I was applying for the DC police force, all DC residents were given 10% freebie points on their civil service exam, which seemed very unfair to all of us residing outside of DC. I scored in the top 1%, which astounded me, but no DC males did realizing they were given the freebie 10% points right off the bat. I do want to note that 18 utterly exceptional black DC females were in the top 1% and I commend them as they represent what DC should be and isn’t. We aren’t a country that gives the Evan MacBeth freebie 10% to a class of people because they are a certain color, gender or poor, just to try and give them a job as they are under-qualified to serve, as that’s what got DCPD where they were especially in the 80’s/90’s. Note that a wanted murderer was called out of the bleachers at Blue Plains while awaiting his testing. Liberal lunacy as I’m surprised he wasn’t hired…..

  • 2016-05-28 at 12:21 pm

    Antony – a couple of other major facts.1. Your current Mayour Dave Butler, and previous Mayor, both admitted liberals wasted I believe at least $300,00.00 on the SE/SE trail project that was ultimately rejected in 2010 or thereabouts after being on the books since around 2006, I recall. Dave can dispute the facts until he is blue in the face, but it is my industry and the liberal Town Council approved the Architectural Design, I believe 3 phases, prior to actually doing any market research or might I say knocking on say 50 doors in the Clubhouse Drive area to see if there was going to be fierce opposition, which there was. This dragged on for years and wasted not just the Architects massive costs, but other unrealized costs to the Town, which wasn’t calculated. I would need to do some research, but my number may be way low and it was based on a LTM article years ago. The Mayor at the time and many Council members should have been fired! 2. The current Mayor, in his very first major attempt at governing our small, quaint Town, after being abandoned by the previous Mayor, allowed a man to DIE under his watch as the major streets weren’t even plowed and the man froze to death walking home from work. I have very republican beliefs when it comes to the government, and never expect them to be there for me at the time of an emergency so I prepare accordingly, but Dave and the liberals truly abandoned this man and his loved ones. The liberals such as Evan MacBeth want to accept control of the liberal government yet hide when their failures are realized. Should Dave Butler be Mayor when he has blood on his hands and wasted over $300,000.00 of our money when I could have knocked on doors for free and advised the Council residents were in opposition to the trail and bridge cutting through their neighborhood!!!? i will follow-up, but expect to offer other data over the years of utter waste…….. Kelly isn’t innocent in this either…..

  • 2016-05-28 at 4:20 pm

    I don’t live in the town of Leesburg so I don’t really care about who you choose to elect. But this I do know.

    The redistricting backlash included a lot of various factions. Some didn’t want their home values to drop. Some didn’t want US citizens, particularly citizens of minority groups, to be isolated in high FRL/ESL schools (this was my main rationale). And some, like Evan MacBeth, were clearly organizing a liberal political movement that seeks to attract illegal immigrants mainly to obtain more liberal votes in the future. If the illegal immigrants voted for conservative politicians, is there any question that MacBeth would change his tune?

    So I have a question for MacBeth. There are a total of 2.3 billion people in China and India. I can guarantee you that at least 50% would jump at the chance to come to the US. We know that over 70% of Mexicans have stated their desire to come to the US if allowed. Are you suggesting that we could accommodate over 1 billion new illegal immigrants from around the world? Are you suggesting that the current citizens should pay more taxes to accommodate these immigrants? Are you suggesting that the illegal immigrants should each receive $250K each more in Medicare/SS benefits than they will ever pay into those systems when they retire? Are you suggesting that these illegal immigrants should continue to get a net check from the US gov’t each tax day based on EITC and refundable child tax care credits? Or are you just too ignorant to understand these facts?

    You see, this is what “liberals” like MacBeth do. They state a bunch of foolish “ideals” without having any means to support their plan. They ask others to pays $1000’s/year in additional taxes so their political party can amass more votes in the future. His goal is to confiscate your money to spend as he sees fit. He aims mainly to spread your hard-earned money to his allies via social welfare payments. It would be much cheaper just to send those $$ down to Mexico, El Salvador, and the other originating countries but that’s not his goal. His goal is to entice future Democrats to come to the US illegally to cement a political majority so they can continue to confiscate your money.

    If they want socialism so badly, why doesn’t Fasolo, MacBeth and the rest of his merry men emigrate to the south?

  • 2016-05-30 at 12:57 pm

    I do have to say, leesburgfinest (really?) does need a refresher course on reality. But, for all the many (and I mean many) rants by that poster, the one point is that, look at who wins or loses the elections in Leesburg. For example, Tom Dunn could not get elected mayor no matter how many lies he told during his efforts. The voters of Leesburg know the truth when they see it, as well as knowing those who do not tell the truth.

  • 2016-05-31 at 4:12 pm

    Mr. Fasolo has confused comments with published letters in a newspaper? Is that what this is about?

  • 2016-06-01 at 11:31 am

    Lawgh – a bit of a rant, but Mr. Butler, Fasolo, MacBeth, and our previous Mayor read the online comments regularly. They know their accomplishments, and their faults, but only want to pat themselves on the back for their accomplishments and you won’t see them responding to the man who died, the SE/SW connector trail that wasted hundred of thousands and many other things…… I am a fiscal conservative with many liberal values, if you can imagine, and hold all politicians, police, military, etc. to a higher standard. I was tougher on Bush than Obama. My biggest issue with Mr. MacBeth is he is an extreme liberal. Unlike him, not only do I watch MSNBC, but also CNN, PBS, etc. and actually research deeper. Based on comments from Mr. Fasolo, he likely conspired with Tom Marshall of the school board as they both lived in the Exeter neighborhood and were pushing the educate don’t segregate agenda, although Tom tried to “sell it completely different” to residents of the NW quadrant. I am linked to all of MaBeth’s online activities and he doesn’t have a mind of his own. He is spoon-fed left wing data, post it like the gospel and then deliver it to his Latino base. MacBeth panders to them exclusively and treats them as a class higher than us (white) folks because we are privileged and he needs their specific votes to get voted into office, even while we disproportionately pay the taxes. He also is intent upon allowing the illegal population to continue spending our tax dollars, take our seats in Univesities, etc. while opportunities disappear and we are expected to just be quiet so the likes of MacBeth can take control of our Town. His ideology is very similar with The previous Mayor, Kelly Burk, etc., but he is more radical although plays it off like a “geek” and “boy next door”. Tom Dunn lost to the previous mayor by 2-1 votes and Tom can be a handful to say the least. I’m not saying he’s the guy. I was hoping Gemmill would go against his word and run for Mayor. enough for now, but Lawgh I follow the good and bad. I know that the long standing members of our Council, conservative or liberal, have done good for our Town and I applaud their service, even after exploiting Dave in the comments below, but they have also done some rediculous things and wasted tons of money without any recourse.

  • 2016-06-01 at 12:07 pm

    It can never be said enough: Posters like Leesburgfinest (again, really?!) can write thousands of words at a time, but the residents of Leesburg do a very good job seeing through all of that; and look at who they vote for, time and again. For example, former mayor, now Leesburg District Supervisor, Kristen Umstattd has been elected by the voters of Leesburg going way back to 1992. Voters know what they are doing. And posters with an agenda don’t fool them.

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