Robin Resigns as Loudoun EDA Counsel

Steve Robin, the general counsel to the county’s Economic Development Authority for the past 35 years, has tendered his resignation from that position, effective Sept. 30.

The EDA is a governmental body that helps promote economic activity in the county in several ways—chiefly by issuing bonds at below market rates for qualifying entities, by assisting the county government with the distribution of business incentive grants, and by being an issuer of bonds for certain county government projects.

”I’ve been privileged to participate in over $1 billion of economic development funding over the course of roughly 50 projects during my term with the EDA,” Robin said.

A Harvard Law School graduate, Robin came to Loudoun in 1973 and worked from 1973 to 1976 as an assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney. From there he became County Attorney for Loudoun before starting a zoning practice in 1978.

In 1981, he became General Counsel to the EDA as an adjunct to the zoning practice. Over that time, he served with five EDA chairmen and nine Boards of Supervisors.

“The job of lawyer for the EDA has been a great vehicle for witnessing the transformation of this county,” Robin said.

Robin his wife, Martha, have no plans to leave the county. ”Not as long as I can still get my errands done and have my tennis game no more than a five minute drive from the house,” he said.

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