Letter: Norman Duncan, Ashburn

Editor: Lost in the wilderness of government is the pandemic of Alzheimer’s dementia. This was the subject of this letter I sent to the president’s desk, without response.

The monies allocated for research have not produced any relief while we and the world watch hundreds of thousands of patients pass away each year. Our population of caregivers are frustrated and we are all at a loss that we can go to the moon and yet cannot cure a brain disease.

I asked the president to declare war with the members of his administration responsible in this area and start an immediate reappraisal of the status and future to combat a disease that has challenged the worlds researchers. Before the brain deteriorates, this pattern of early onset should be the first step to harness this disease to stop its progression. The existing organizations responsible to use the funds for research have been inept, and it is necessary to start afresh with a White House-managed initiative.

The European Union has teams of medical and scientific researchers, all nonprofit, government-funded, who are taking a serious look at this entire world pandemic. In 1920, we solved the deadly influenza virus that started in 1918 and it took only two years to find the cure. Admittedly, this dementia requires more than injection and it has baffled all who are involved. There have been just minor achievements that do not meet FDA criteria since no human trials have been allowed as yet.

This is an important matter that needs presidential hands-on action.

Norman Duncan, Ashburn

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