Loudoun Student Looks to Crowdfund Political Camp Tuition

A Dominion High School junior who’s spent summers drumming up support for candidates and political action groups is now launching a fundraising campaign of his own.

Eric Young landed one of the few spots at the prestigious Junior Statesman Academy at Georgetown University, a three-week summer program that gives students an in-depth look at politics and government.

The only hang up is the academy costs $5,250. Eric said finances are tight for his family. His father works two jobs, his mother works as well, and they are trying to sell their home to downsize.

“I don’t come from the type of background that normally sends people to a summer academy at a prestigious university, but I want to go anyway,” the 17-year-old said. “We just don’t have the money right now.”

Eric has launched a fundraising webpage to ask for donations. Since the page went live last week, it’s brought in $1,125. With the help of $1,250 in financial aid, he has about $2,875 left to raise.

Eric plans to put what he learns during the program to good use. He wants to pursue a career in politics or law. “If I could be a lawyer who argues in front of the Supreme Court, or someone like Ted Cruz who makes arguments in front of Supreme Court justices, that would be awesome,” he said.

The Junior Statesman Academy runs June 26-July 17. Learn more at summer.jsa.org. Donate to Eric here.

One thought on “Loudoun Student Looks to Crowdfund Political Camp Tuition

  • 2016-06-02 at 3:33 pm

    Kudos for getting involved. But you should enter that profession with your eyes wide open. Obviously, there are good and bad actors in every field. But I’ve known quite a few salespersons who were not the most ethical, and I can say without a doubt, the legal field has them beat hands down for unethical conduct.

    The question is whether it’s the folks who enter the legal profession or whether the profession does that to you over time. As they say, power corrupts and competition brings incentives to cheat/lie/etc. You can see from our legal cesspool what happens. Officials openly violating conflicts of interest laws because they face no chance of ever being prosecuted by our “esteemed” CA. And a Loudoun judge openly daring anyone to bring a corruption case into her courtroom else she will continue to escalate the fines for such intrepid citizens just for broaching the corruption issue.

    If you do enter either politics or law, remember that the goal should not be to further your own interests at all costs (or your client’s). But to pursue the interests of justice above all and maintain transparency to engender trust among the public. Who know, maybe even Loudoun will be cleaned up by the time you graduate from law school.

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