Long Serving Round Hill Treasurer to Retire

To many residents, the Round Hill Town Office won’t be the same after June 30 when longtime Treasurer Betty Wolford retires.

For more than 40 years, her calm friendliness has been welcomed by residents calling the office for help on one problem or another. Now approaching her 75th birthday, Wolford said it is time to step down.

She first worked for the town in 1978, recruited by husband John H. Wolford, who was first elected mayor in 1977, to help provide coverage while the town treasurer was away on vacations in Florida. Gradually, Wolford’s role extended to longer stints until, in 1981, she was hired as fulltime treasurer.

She continued to work for the town after her husband retired from the mayor’s seat in 1996. In 2000, Wolford left Round Hill to take up the treasurer’s position in Middleburg. Four years later, however, she returned to Round Hill as treasurer, and has been there ever since.

“I love working with people, that’s my favorite part of the job,” she said.

She also likes Round Hill’s informal, laid-back small town feel.

“You get to know all the people that live in the area, you keep up more with what’s going on, and I like [Round Hill’s] friendliness and kindness,” she said.

Town Administrator Buster Nicholson particularly cited that characteristic, recalling the wealth of information Wolford willingly shared with him when he came to the town almost three years ago.

“I was really amazed at her knowledge going back over the years; every time you’d ask her about anything, she knew all the history—on anything. That was very helpful for a newbie like myself, on how and why we did things.”

Noting that town residents have known Wolford for decades, Nicholson said, “Everyone that walks in here, they love her, they think very highly of her.” He said it was to the town’s credit that those in charge appreciated the quality and stability of Wolford’s service. “This is not a cliché; she truly does go ‘above and beyond.’ You can always count on her to get it done—and get it done correctly. The town depends on her.”

The town is reviewing applications for Wolford’s successor, and she has agreed to return as a consultant to help with the transition.

With one month to go in the town’s employ, Wolford is already eyeing what she wants to do in retirement.

“First, I want to clean house and get rid of 50 years’ accumulations,” she said. Another big objective is to spend more time with family and friends, both in the locality and farther afield. She can also do “more stuff” with her sisters-in-law in Fairfax, as well as with good friends in Charleston, SC.

Apart from the visits with friends and family, there’s quiet relaxation time at home. Wolford’s favorite pursuits are gardening and reading—mainly history and mysteries.

She’s looking forward to climbing into the hammock in the garden for a long read. “That’s my idea of heaven.”


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