Teri Moy Shifts Photography Focus

Loudoun-based Teri Moy Photography is re-launching its photography brand with emphasis on commercial, lifestyle and food photography.

After many years of covering events, Moy hopes her shift in focus will not only benefit her personal satisfaction of telling stories through the lens, but also benefit businesses looking for a photographer to capture the essence of their marketing message.

After receiving her degree in art history and business from Mills College, Moy moved to Singapore subsequently where she found her passion for photography. She developed a collection called Disappearing Asia, which captures the negative effects of urbanization in Asia. In the early 2000s, she settled down in the Washington area with her family and began photographing people, food, weddings and events.

“I’m inspired by my client’s stories and I love helping them tell their story with my personal eye and sensitivity. My goal is to create an accurate yet evocative narrative, putting together candid unexpected moments, unique portraits and sophisticated details in order to provide my clients with timeless, authentic and relevant images that will help grow their brand.”

Learn more at terimoy.com

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