Pittsburgh Rick’s Closes Downtown But Food Truck Keeps Rolling

Loudoun restaurateur Rick Allison is still cooking. But his namesake restaurant, Pittsburgh Rick’s, is no more—at least for the time being.

But if you’re a diehard fan of Allison’s signature Pittsburgh-style sandwiches topped with fries, don’t worry: the Pittsburgh Rick’s food truck is still very much alive and rolling.

Allison closed the restaurant in late May, citing parking issues at its location on East Market Street near the Loudoun County Government building. A “for rent” sign is now posted on the building.

Pittsburg Rick’s food truck

He opened the restaurant in 2014 and had a devoted following, but found the food truck model more successful for his casual comfort food. Allison said he’s considering re-opening in another location down the road, but for now is focused on the food truck and his new venture—King Street Oyster Bar.

The Pittsburgh Rick’s food truck is a mainstay at the Jiffy Lube Live concert venue in Prince William County, feeding hungry concert-goers several times a week. The truck is also a favorite at local breweries.

Allison opened King Street Oyster Bar in downtown Leesburg in early May with business partner Jorge Esguerra and said the new restaurant is drawing crowds with its seafood/American menu and happy hour specials.

“People like it,” Allison said.

Rick Allison is making his mark on Leesburg’s food scene. Two years after he opened Pittsburgh Rick’s on Market Street, he is launching King Street Oyster Bar just around the corner. (Renss Greene/Loudoun Now)
Rick Allison is making his mark on Leesburg’s food scene. Two years after he opened Pittsburgh Rick’s on Market Street, he is launching King Street Oyster Bar just around the corner. (Renss Greene/Loudoun Now)


7 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Rick’s Closes Downtown But Food Truck Keeps Rolling

  • 2016-06-04 at 9:46 pm

    It took nearly six years for that building to get built due to the town’s obsession with flood control and the failure of Council and our former Mayor to even address those issues. At least two owners could not deal with that and bailed. Now, the first business to occupy that space is leaving. It will be hard for a new business to open there. Yes, parking is a problem in downtown leesburg, but spending money on wider sidewalks and $300,000 for a water “feature” at the town garage is not the way to address the problem.

    • 2016-06-05 at 8:22 pm

      Wider sidewalks please. The walkability of downtown Leesburg is improving with added room on the sidewalk on King St. Even with the outdoor dining I don’t feel like I’m going to fall into the street anymore.

      The parking is an issue, but ‘downtown’ should emphasize walkability over cars (and this includes public transportation). A possible compromise would be to reduce Loudoun and E. Market to one way streets (one going west and the other going east between Mom’s Apple Pie and Morven Park Road) and allow meter parking on both sides of each respective street.

  • 2016-06-06 at 9:14 am

    One-waying Loudoun and Market has been thought about for years but to my knowledge, never seriously “studied” by the town’s transportation people. But west of Liberty street, you have a lot of residents and drive ways that go out on Market and Loudoun. It might work to examine one waying to liberty or Wirt. Something has to be done to replace the loss of those 20 spaces on King Street.

  • 2016-06-06 at 10:04 am

    Always funny to see comments from Ken “I shall run no more forever” Reid. For example, he was on the Leesburg Town Council during the time period in which he attacks what “he claims was done” and where is the facts to show he actually did what he claimed he did. There is none. Ken Reid has an interesting habit of re-writing history, but he really is a very bad historian. Now, watch, and let us see in the next few days whether Ken Reid, who said he was done running for public office, does what he always does, and lies, and runs for election this November.

  • 2016-06-06 at 8:02 pm

    Laugh/Laugh – once again, your comments are less than meaningful when Ken’s points are valid. Do ever offer some actual valid points? The sidewalk widening project was a bone thrown to essentially one restraurant Owner, which in my opinion is tasteless and riddled with signs and other obstructions that may not meet ADA compliance if further reviewed. I know the slope of the sidewalk doesn’t meet compliance and there may not be enough space between obstructions. The cost and length of construction, for the laughable benefit, is utterly amazing. It wasn’t, but a few weeks ago that Evan MacBeth announced his candidacy for a Town Council, and was bragging about the vibrant economic future of the downtown area. This is at least the 2nd well known closure in about a month. Don’t worry Ken, we will always have the Rick’s mobile service (as it is good), costly water feature and extravagant under-utilized million dollar plus skateboard park……

  • 2016-06-07 at 12:59 pm

    When one makes up facts, and lies about his past voting record and statements, then please do not call those statements “valid.” The only thing valid, is that Ken Reid appears to be unable to tell the truth about his past efforts as an elected official, and his inexplicable habit of saying he is done with politics forever, that is, until the next election. Ken Reid also fails the only test that might have saved him: He is not even entertainment.

  • 2016-06-09 at 3:00 pm

    The problem with downtown isn’t the parking. It is getting to the parking. Without addressing that downtown is always going to struggle. And I don’t know how you address that without fundamentally changing the character of downtown.

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