Filing Deadline Nearing, Nine Vying for Leesburg Council Seats

The deadline to file to run in November’s general elections is next week, and already several candidates have submitted all the paperwork required for their names to be placed on the ballot.

Leesburg voters will elect three council members and a mayor.

Loudoun County General Registrar Judy Brown confirmed Monday that Town Council incumbents Tom Dunn and Katie Sheldon Hammler have submitted all the necessary paperwork to be placed on the Nov. 8 ballot. Council challengers Ron Campbell, John Hilton and Gwen Pangle have also submitted all their paperwork. Announced challenger Evan Macbeth has submitted some of the paperwork, but has not yet met all the requirements.

In the mayor’s race, incumbent Mayor David Butler has submitted all his paperwork. The two challengers vying for the mayor’s seat have as well—current Vice Mayor Kelly Burk, whose council term is not up until 2018, and former Town Council member Kevin Wright.

Those who have paperwork still to file have until 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 14, Brown said.

The terms of Butler, Hammler, Dunn and Bruce Gemmill expire Dec. 31. Gemmill, who was appointed to a council seat earlier this year, has said he will not run.

4 thoughts on “Filing Deadline Nearing, Nine Vying for Leesburg Council Seats

  • 2016-06-08 at 2:24 pm

    This is one of many LN stories that doesn’t adequately explain the Town of Leesburg race expected in November. Provided below is a slightly better breakout, which is still generic since I only have an older iPad. This will be comment 1 of 2 offering feedback for those not familiar with candidates. Please do your own research…….

    Mayor – David S. Butler (Term expires 12-31-16)

    Kelly Burk (current council member) and Kevin Wright (previous council member) are running for this position. All 3 are Democrats. Kelly will be on the Town Council even if loses

    These seats are locked unless Kelly wins the Mayor seat………
    Vice Mayor – Kelly Burk (Term expires 12-31-18) – Liberal Democrat
    Council Member – Suzanne Fox (Term expires on 12-31-18) – Conservative Rep.
    Council Member – Fernando “Marty” Martinez (Term expires on 12-31-18) – Democrat
    These seats are all open…………
    Council Member – Thomas S. Dunn, II (Term expires on 12-31-16) – Conservative Rep.
    Council Member – R. Bruce Gemmill (Term expires on 12-31-16) – is not running/moot
    Council Member – Katie Sheldon Hammler (Term expires on 12-31-16) – Conserv. Rep.

    These folks are all running for the 3 seats above (possibly 4, if Kelly becomes Mayor)

    Tom Dunn – incumbent
    Katie Hammlet – incumbent
    Evan MacBeth – extremely liberal democrat and started the group “educate don’t segregate”. In my opinion, he is the type of person that not only wants to put his own kids into school with many children who are ill-prepared to learn on the same level as yours, many who don’t speak the same level of English, etc. he wants to force you, at your expense to pay for the cost of educating and supporting the families of illegal aliens. He is content making others pay for his liberal utopian dream of open borders at OUR expense. One of his character witnesses was not living in our town as he states on his blog since 2000 as she received numerous tickets from the Leesburg Police in 2009 and her license stated she resided in Rockville, Maryland. Based on the extent of her tickets, the Police likely knew she was evading paying town and county taxes, as well as failing to get a town sticker. Shame on her for not having a restrained child too while driving! Evan – what were you doing driving 19 mph over the speed limit? With my background, 99% of the time, that usually meant we were trying to throw someone a bone and be nice by trying to avoid giving them a reckless driving charge. As a 30+ year old adult!?!?
    Ron Campbell –
    John Hilton –
    Gwen Pangle –

  • 2016-06-08 at 3:58 pm

    What a laugh, Leesburgfinest (Not!). Lets see. Apparently traffic offenses are a problem. Well, it doesn’t take much of an effort to find that Tom Dunn has a bit of a traffic offense problem himself, and Ken Reid, I think we all know who he is, has a terrible traffic offense problem. Then, you have Katie Hammler, who has publically endorsed every state level democrat that has run in the last four years. And Kevin Wright, is clearly running as a republican. So, just why the misinformation by Leesburgfinest? I have no idea, and I suspect, even he could not really explain, except to say that he is trying to fool us.

  • 2016-06-08 at 6:02 pm

    Laugh/Lawgh – depending on your online paper affiliation, I do not support Tom Dunn in many respects, but he is a fiscal conservative (just a relative jerk) and I ask those voting to questions those in power and those seeking to be in power. I will go bankrupt to ensure that Evan MacBeth doesn’t get elected and to a much lesser degree Ron Campbell, and possibly others as I investigate them over the next week. I am in the process off reaching out to possible candidates, performing research, and informing residents via online, in-person and all other legal, viable options. Please feel free to provide to listening audience with as much data as you feel possible. I am pulling my data directly from The Virginia criminal and driving, LTM, LN, and other online databases. Kevin Wright may be running as a Republican, but only because their are two utter left-wing liberals and he is pandering to the ignorant Republican base that are misinformed, possibly like you misinformed, that believes he has possibly one Republican idea. Kevin seems to be a good man, regardless of his ideology, and has done many good things for this Town over his many years. Based on what I’ve researched, Gwen Pangle has done many good things for our Town. There are issues as has she lived here for 20 or 40+ years, but she is very economically and environmentally suited without being too political, at least on paper. Who knows, but I would like to meet her soon. Same with John Hilton. By the way, another of Evan MacBeth’s character witnesses has 3 major speeding tickets and was busted without a Leesburg Sticker 11 months after it was due. I haven’t checked all of his character witnesses, nor adjacent jurisdictions, but my point to the subject is what potential Politician doesn’t VET his character witnesses to ensure that they are clean. Does he check to ensure that his babysitters go 25 mph over the speed limit? I can almost expect that type of action out of a teenager, but out of an adult, vouching for a politician, who chaired for the local Loudoun DNC, do you think she would say, by the way, I had all the speeding tickets………. I guess in the mind of an ultra-liberal, when you are soft on crime, when you are an open-border guy, when you don’t care about MS-13 running rampant in your Town as it’s a Federal problem (not a Town issue), you just don’t care about vetting your character witnesses, who you allow into the schools with your children or better yet force into the schools with other parents kids through the “educate don’t segregate”, etc. This is Evan MacBeth and he represents the Party of Forward Thinking, the Party of not having any ideas or solutions to the real problems of tomorrow. Let’s allow the masses of unaccompanied minors to continue coming into our Town, continue coming when they never show-up on the data research, when the schools mysteriously keep getting more and more over-crowded (and we can’t ask who’s attending our schools), when we are shifting kids around or trying to determine if more schools are necessary, when we never seem to have enough money and ponder if raising taxes is necessary (to pay our fair share for illegal kids who aren’t ours), when kids are mysteriously getting sickly with really weird illnesses, etc. Sounds like a bunch of forward thinking to me…….

  • 2016-06-11 at 6:40 pm

    LeesB1st you lost me on this one. You are making a couple mistakes.
    1. Hammler is No Conservative anything. She wishes she was but it’s just not there. Look at the signs on her yard. It is not just every state dem she supports but she thinks Obama is the best.
    2. Yes Wright is a Dem. Very similar to hammler in voting record but not as forward with his politics. He is courting the GOP this year because Burk has the Dem endorsement and Wright goes to Church with Will Estrada. He is also befriended by the Bill and Suz Fox RINO’s. He sought Dem party endorsement once before.
    3. Dunn is conservative and can come off as jerk if you don’t like that he truly puts citizens first. He does not seem to like the rest of Council and is the only one to point out Council’s failings. He does not make it easy for Council to hide from accountability. If jerk means accountable, I’ll take it all day.
    4. Rest assured liberals abound with Martinez as the current Dem Party Chairman, Burk stands for every liberal cause, Butler is right there with her, and the 3 Dem candidates, Pangle/Campbell/McBeth, are just going to give Burk or Butler whatever they ask for.
    5. Hilton is a complete unknown but will take word on conservative
    6. So only 2 sitting out this love fest is Fox who after 1and 1/2 years on Council still has no idea what she is doing and is more aligned with Hammler then say Gimbell who is the other none running member of Council. Speaking of Gimbell he seems nice enough but with just a couple weeks on the job he is a place holder and has much to learn. But already he is more informed then FOX.

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