Letter: Koren Barwis, Ashburn

Editor: I attended the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday night where a resolution to recognize June 2 as National Gun Violence Awareness Day was proposed and subsequently tabled by the Board.

I am extremely disappointed that the majority of the Board put politics ahead of what is best for the community — bringing awareness to the growing gun violence in our nation and local community.

Just this year, two mothers were gunned down by their domestic abusers in Lansdowne and Leesburg. Gun violence has become a part of our everyday dialog. I now look for the nearest point of exit when at the mall or at the movies. My daughter’s school has active shooter drills — and soon I will send her off to college where I pray I never get the call that too many parents have received, informing them that their child has been murdered with a gun on campus.

But beyond my personal fears are the facts — every day, seven children and 31 adults are killed by guns. This number doesn’t even include the countless suicides. This should not be the new normal.

Gun violence is an epidemic. A day recognizing this issue is long overdue. It has nothing to do with politics and in no way infringes on anyone’s Second Amendment rights. This resolution was a symbolic gesture, a first step, toward resolving the issue of gun violence. The Board’s supporters even withdrew any mention of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, the organization to which I belong, in order to appease the opposition.

Moms Demand Action is an all-volunteer organization made up of moms, gun owners, and non-gun owners. We are not anti-gun, but we do support common sense gun laws and gun safety education for all.

Moms have tackled many difficult issues in the past and will not be deterred. We are passionate and will continue to drive education and awareness, even though our elected officials chose to table the issue rather than taking a public vote.  Their failure to act is shameful and will be remembered at the next election by moms and anyone who cares about the safety of our community.

Koren Barwis, Ashburn

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  • 2016-12-13 at 9:09 am

    The National Gun Violence Awareness Day is a feel-good measure that will accomplish nothing. The vast majority of gun violence in the USA occurs between gang members in a small number of urban areas. Most of these gun violence deaths are committed by individuals with a long history of violent crime. Taking away the rights of law abiding citizens won’t change these grim statistics at all nor will observing a Gun Violence Awareness Day. The writer cites the mall and movie theatres where she has concerns. Not surprisingly, these are “gun free zones” that protect no one but the criminals themselves. The cities with the strictest gun control laws have some of the highest gun violence rates. Think about that for a moment.

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