Missing Leesburg Teen Found Dead in West Virginia

Investigators have identified a body found in a West Virginia field June 3 as that of a missing Leesburg teen.

Carlos Armando Otero-Henriquez, 18, was reported missing May 23 by a family member. His body was found in Jefferson County.

According to the Leesburg Police Department, the investigation into the death is being conducted with the assistance of multiple law enforcement agencies, but additional details of the case would not be released at this time.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about the case to  call the department immediately at 703-771-4500. Callers wishing to remain anonymous may call the Leesburg Crime Line at 703- 443-TIPS (8477). Information can also be sent via TIPSUBMIT.  Text “LPDTIP” plus your message to 274637.


4 thoughts on “Missing Leesburg Teen Found Dead in West Virginia

  • 2016-06-17 at 10:06 am

    To those living in Leesburg expecting to vote in November, please take a moment to read my previous, current and future comments on LN. I was deemed to be a racist by many by stating facts as offered by other news sources on the day of this boys disappearance and the day the home was raided around the corner from the Plaza Street Projects. Facts are facts…. The facts of his death will ultimately be provided, but multiple law enforcement agencies tend to mean that WV and Federal Law enforcement are involved due to gang activity, but we have our local involvement, which essentially equates to zero since Leesburg is ill-prepared to handle any degree of gang activity. Leesburg was significantly less prepared many years ago when the drug-gangs from DC ran the Plaza Street Projects, which are now controlled by MS-13. I do want to express my condolences to the mother, but perhaps the extended family could have conveyed and offered support to the two gang-banging brothers (one now in prison since earlier this year and soon to be back in Leesburg after hen temporarily gets deported) that joining the MS-13 wasn’t the proper path in life. Both preyed upon the town of Leesburg, and to a more significant degree the Latino community, which consists primarily of hard working, good folks. Evan MacBeth and Ron Campbell are both running for Town Council this November and I will be assisted those running in opposition since their ideology of the ‘Educate Don’t Segregate” puts those from the gangs directly into the schools that my children attend (Evan created the group and Ron fully and openly supported it). Based upon the June 13, 2016 Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force, who gave a presentation to the Town Council, most of the MS-13 gang members tend to be illegals aliens and the most vulnerable to join the gangs are at-risk kids primarily the “unaccompanied minors”, which are expecting to be entering this Country in much higher numbers this year than ever before (expect the schools to be ever crowded as they are not accounted for in any of the statistics, and as for your kids health, please cross your fingers, since TB, Kawasaki Disease and other extremely deadly diseases are commonly carried – your government is not protecting your kids with all those cameras on the walls – statistically, you should be much more afraid of disease/illness than Orlando type situation).

    VirginiaSGP – Anthony Fasolo slipped up in one of his online editorials and mentioned that Evan MacBeth was previously heavily involved with Tom Marshall within the Exeter HOA BOD’s’, which leads me to wonder if they spoke directly prior to any of the “Educate Don’t Segregate”, BOS, or neighborhood meetings??? I know you are the king of law and FOIA data, but Tom went MIA directly at the end and after all of this… I know you have your issues with the BOS, which I didn’t fully understand since I was very late to the game, and I have mine with Evan, which is very personal, but goes deeper with the Federal Government obviously, but my local government isn’t obviously helping, and nobody wants hoodlums running rampant on our streets. Many of my perspectives are actually quite liberal, but not on crime and not my kids learning in school.

  • 2016-06-17 at 12:47 pm

    “…multiple law enforcement agencies tend to mean that WV and Federal Law enforcement are involved due to gang activity”. Or, it could just mean that multiple state agencies are involved because a kid from Virginia was found dead in West Virginia.

    Facts ARE facts though…you’re right about that. Maybe, though, you should wait until the facts actually come out before you start painting everyone you don’t like with terms like “gang-banger” and “illegal aliens”. I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume that Mr. Macbeth isn’t the only person that you have “very personal” issues with.

  • 2016-06-18 at 9:24 am

    Matt – This kid rolled from my kids high school and was MS-13. His MS-13 brother was too and ran the Plaza Street Projects and other parts of Leesburg. The kid went missing as his mother was concerned about his welfare, but not about his gang-banging life-style. An MS-13 gang-house was raided by the Regional gang task force around the corner from the Plaza Street Projects a day or two after he went missing. They found his body several days later. Huh, one doesn’t have to be too intelligent to do the math on this one. I apologize for being insensitive and want to express my sympathies if I offended any family of friends. I am extremely involved with the local politics and most of our politicians tend to feel that immigration, and I would assume gangs, a FEDERAL issue even though every aspect of it is a local issue. Once another couple is taking a leisurely walk down the street, like in Lansdowne a few years ago, and a man gets murdered and his wife raped and almost killed by known gang members, the Council will have blood on their hands for essentially doing zero, other than relegating things back to the gang task force, which is not proactive. Our liberal Town Council and those vying for Town Council are not and will not protect this Town due to their open border policies. They openly support illegal immigration and continue to fund programs, at our expense, that promote their existence within our community, which shouldn’t be promoted by our Town. I am looking deeper into this currently through our budget and want to see line item costs for the various social programs and how funding, whether government or private, is allocated. There are many, many things wrong in this Town and I expect to highlight as many as possibly in advance of the elections. I will spend $$$$$ issuing bulletins door to door about waste within our community, which will be based upon facts. I’m currently reviewing every Council and other meeting going back years, every vote, etc. and gathering other data on potential candidates. Matt – some of the folks on the Council have done some very good for our Town over the years, and I will never take that away from them or downplay it, the meetings and their time can be exhaustive for little pay, and they get hammered by folks like me in lieu of praise, so I do appreciate their service.

    • 2016-07-13 at 4:34 pm

      @leesburgsfinest, I feel compelled to point out, respectfully, that your child telling you that this victim “was MS-13” doesn’t make that a fact. That is hearsay, speculation, and not a credible source of information. I don’t mean to question your child’s veracity personally (of course, I don’t even know him or her), but rather point out the reality that high school is governed by rumors, embellishment, and judgment. I wouldn’t be surprised if, just because a student is Latino, other students whisper down the hallway that he *must* be MS-13. That being said, maybe he was MS-13. All I’m saying is that I’ll wait for the actual facts from a credible and corroborated source before I walk away with any conclusions.

      Also, I strongly disagree with your (again) baseless speculation that missing child + MS-13 gang house being raided + child’s dead body find = the child was MS-13. That is simply an irrational conclusion and is rife with judgment. The MS-13 gang, which is clearly a huge problem we should all take seriously, recruits vulnerable and innocent children all of the time. How do we rule out that this poor child was not killed because he refused to join the MS-13 contrary to their demands? You’re right; we don’t know either way. You claim your platform will “be based upon facts,” but I’m worried that your understanding of the word “fact” may deviate from common understanding. I just hope that going forward, as you look deeper into the budget and local programs as you plan to do, that you do actually focus on the facts and leave your own personal biases at home.

      The one thing it appears that we can agree on is that immigration is a federal issue. It is not something that politicians “feel,” however. The Constitution is pretty clear on that actually. Of course, Congress’ laws on immigration and the Supreme Court’s interpretation of those laws clearly have consequences on a local and state level. As a word of unsolicited advice, you may want to omit the critique of your Town’s “open border policies” from your door-to-door bulletins, because you’ll probably end up pretty disappointed on what change you can actually implement in that regard.

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