Western Loudoun Artists on Display This Weekend

Over the past decade, western Loudoun artists have garnered increasing notice from visitors through the Western Loudoun Artists Studio Tour.

Now in its 11th rendition, the studio tour will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. June 18 and 19.

Considered the county’s premier artisan tour, WLAST began in 2006 as a coalition project to link artists and arts organizations in the western portion of the county. That first tour featured 25 artists.

This year, organizers anticipate more than 2,000 people will visit the 31 artist studios, 68 artists and the two art hubs in western Loudoun—Franklin Park Arts Center and the Round Hill Arts Center—on the tour.

Planning Committee Chairwoman Amy Manson said there is a record number of new artists on the tour this year. Those who show in their studio must live in western Loudoun, but they can have guest artists from elsewhere and the two art centers also provide display space to a number of guest artists.

Leesburg artist and interior designer Lauren Bruce, who is new to the tour, and Betty Wiley, a longtime Purcellville artist. Bruce is a young mom and water colorist who does Impressionist-style paintings, while Wiley, now in her 80’s, not only is on the tour at her studio but widely promotes the tour. “Her energy is amazing,” Manson said.

In addition to introducing a widening public to the wealth of artistic talent in the county, WLAST’s goal is to introduce area and regional patrons to a weekend of education and one-on-one interaction with artists. That seems to be working as Mansion said an emerging trend over the past three years is that the tour is attracting visitors from farther afield—including from New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

For more information on the free event, go to wlast.org.







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