Columbia Gas to Get Another $1.7M from County

The county government will likely pay Columbia Gas Transmission $1.7 million to relocate two natural gas pipelines so that work can continue on Claiborne Parkway.

“I really feel that Columbia Gas has us by the throat,” board Vice Chairman Ralph M. Buona (R-Ashburn) said during last week’s finance committee meeting. “Not only do we have to pay them what we have to pay them, but we’re at their mercy on schedule, too, it looks like.” He also noted that Columbia Gas would be able to issue another invoice for any cost overruns after relocating the lines.

The utility maintains sole control over work on its lines and the contractors that do it. The county previously looked for ways around Columbia Pipeline Group’s $1.8 million price tag to move two gas pipelines for the Mooreview Parkway project. The county could find no way around CPG’s control over pricing and eventually paid Columbia’s price.

The finance committee recommended that the full Board of Supervisors approve the expenditure. The $1.7 million will come out of the $6.1 million account balance in Claiborne Parkway project.


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