Letter: Matthew Gallelli, Purcellville

Editor: As a Blue Ridge District resident living in western Loudoun, I have a strong and abiding interest in the development of the Loudoun Transition Zone. The massive changes proposed are harmful both to residents of the Transition Zone and all of western Loudoun.

I strongly oppose these changes and I ask the Board of Supervisors to oppose ZOAM 2015-0006 except for approval of the tenant house for these reasons:

1) The proposed changes in ZOAM 2015-0006 are not properly defined nor provided with sufficient specificity. Send them back to the Planning Commission and ask for public comment.

2) Adding all these proposed changes would be a violation of the guidelines in the Comprehensive Plan.

3) Inappropriate development of open space for other purposes will greatly increase traffic density.

4) Open space that is lost or used for other purposes is lost forever.

5) Development of open space in the Transition Zone violates the vision of why many western Loudouners moved to this area.

6) Loudoun County is known for its beautiful open space and agricultural environment. People do not visit Loudoun to see housing developments and shopping centers. We must continue protecting the rural portions of Loudoun County which last year contributed over $3 billion tourism dollars.

However, I support the provision allowing the building of a tenant house of farm open space in the Transition Policy Area. That is in keeping with the Comprehensive Plan guidelines.

Again, I strongly urge that the board vote against ZOAM 2015-0006 and send it back to the Planning Commission for public comment. Do not rush to set our county on the wrong course for development. These decisions should be made by voters, not just the Board of Supervisors.

Matthew Gallelli, Purcellville

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