Letter: Nedim Ogelman
, Purcellville

Editor:  It is with great anticipation that I look forward to Monday, June 27. On that day, new Purcellville Town Council members will be sworn into office, at Town Hall.

It is my vision and priority that residents feel welcome at their Town Hall and take part in shaping Purcellville’s future because it is their future, their quality of life, their property values, their sense of community.

I am grateful to the residents of Purcellville for engaging with me during the campaign season, taking valuable time from their day to share their ideas, concerns and vision for our town. Thank you for coming to vote on election day and helping to get citizens out to vote.

Their support for me indicates their resolve to have transparency and openness in town governance and to maintain Purcellville’s small­town character. I will work to encourage their participation and to have open and lively debate on all issues that affect us as citizens of Purcellville and western Loudoun County.

As I finish my service as a Planning Commissioner, I’ve been asking citizens to get involved in any way they can to plan the town and help form its future. I will remain engaged in our Comprehensive Plan review process that is currently underway, as a citizen and Town Council member, and I urge residents to take part.

I understand that we have much to do to demonstrate to citizens the value of their participation. I will work hard to encourage and facilitate participation. I will advocate and vote for improved access to town records including meeting schedules, minutes and topics; work bids; developer applications; financial decision records; and improved ease for our town’s entrepreneurial spirit to thrive with store­fronts and other means of accessibility.

I am deeply honored to have residents’ trust and vote. I look forward to seeing them on June 27 and beyond.

Nedim Ogelman
, Purcellville

Town Council Member­Elect

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