50 Broad Run AP Exams Ruled Invalid

Fifty Broad Run High School students got bad news just before the holiday weekend: their Advanced Placement exams taken in May are invalid.

If the students want college credit for taking the challenging courses, they will have to retake the exams—which can last up to three hours—later this month.

“Loudoun County Public Schools is refining test procedures to ensure these circumstances are not repeated,” said school system public information officer Wayde Byard today, after AP Spanish and French exams were nullified.

Educational Testing Service, the company that oversees the administration of AP exams, stated June 28 that two sets of tests would not count. The first was AP Spanish exams taken by 21 students May 3. During testing, a CD used for the exam broke as it was removed from its case.

“This was a problem experienced at test sites nationwide,” Byard said. “As soon as this happened, the exam, which was being taken by 21 students, was stopped and declared invalid.”

The second set of tests ruled invalid were AP French exams, taken by 29 students May 10. ETS ruled June 28 that those tests are invalid because there were “seating irregularities” during the test.

“Students are allowed to sit facing outward during the listening portion of the exams, but must be seated facing forward – all in the same direction – during the written portion,” Byard explained. “During the Broad Run examinations, students were seated facing outward in a computer lab for both sections of the test.”

Broad Run appealed ETS’ decision last Wednesday, but to no avail. Administrators then contacted students to let them know, they may want to make some time this summer to brush up on their language skills.

The students can retest later this month or be refunded of the $92 exam fee. Students who take the test again will not be charged again.

These snafus come one year after Broad Run staff members misplaced a box of SAT answer sheets. They initially pointed the finger at UPS for failing to deliver the package to the College Board in Texas, but the box was discovered two weeks later on a cart in the shipping area of the high school.


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