Leesburg Council Eyes Changes to Commission Pay, Structure

The Leesburg Town Council seems keen on keeping stipends for its commissioners intact, but looks to explore the overall structure of Leesburg’s advisory panels.

Last week, on the suggestion of Councilman Bruce Gemmill, the council discussed whether to do away with stipends for its commissioners. Gemmill had proposed doing away with stipends all except members of the Board of Zoning Appeals, Board of Architectural Review and Planning Commission.

Gemmill pointed to the 43 boards and commissions that exist within Loudoun County government, only 12 of which come with some form of stipend. Doing away with the stipends for the town’s boards and commissions, except for the aforementioned three, could save the town around $76,000 a year. Commission members receive a $100 monthly stipend for serving.

“In the broad scheme of a $94 million budget it seems like small potatoes, but it could go a long way toward hiring a town staffer in a much needed area,” he said.

There was not much enthusiasm for going forward with Gemmill’s proposal; however, a majority of council members did express an interest in reviewing the structure of its 14 boards and commissions.

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