Letter: Scott Wallace, Leesburg

Editor: If the case of Anthony Roberts doesn’t show the faults of our criminal “justice” system, nothing does.

Roberts finally admitted to the murder of a Lansdowne man and the attempted murder of the victim’s wife in an attack that occurred more than seven years ago. If Roberts had not finally “man upped” for his crimes, his criminal case would not have been heard before September of next year.

Roberts only took responsibility to avoid being sentenced to death. Once the death penalty is abolished in America, prosecutors will be denied a tactic used against murderers like Roberts to, in his case, compel a guilty plea thereby precluding a costly, lengthy trial scheduled to start nearly a decade after his crimes took place.

Finally, Roberts is quoted in your article as being “man enough to sit in prison and man up for these crimes.” He is not a man; he is a contemptable coward who doesn’t know the meaning of remorse. Roberts is as low as they come.

Scott Wallace, Leesburg


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