Former Loudoun Supervisor Drops Appeal of Assault Conviction

Former Broad Run District Supervisor Shawn M. Williams was scheduled to appear in Loudoun County Circuit Court this morning to appeal his conviction for assaulting a neighbor. That appeal has been withdrawn.

Williams pleaded guilty April 13 in Loudoun District Court to charges of assault and battery and unlawful entry of a neighbor’s home. He was sentenced to pay a fine and faced a suspended jail sentence. Williams had asked the judge for a deferred finding that would allow the convictions to be expunged from his record, provided he complied with conditions set by the court. At the urging of the victim in the case, the judge declined that request.

Williams, an attorney whose standing with the Virginia bar could be affected by a criminal conviction, filed the appeal a few days later. The retrial originally was set for June 10, but was rescheduled for July 8.

With the appeal withdrawn, the District Court sentence will stand. Williams will pay a $1,000 fine, but won’t serve additional jail time—he was held overnight following his arrest—as long as he continues with alcohol abuse and anger management counseling and doesn’t break the law. He will on supervised probation for 12 months. Failing to comply could put him behind bars for up to a year.

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