Letter: Daniel T. Eisert, Leesburg

Editor: As a former resident of Ashburn Village for nearly 12 years, I still have much pride for the area. Despite currently residing in Leesburg, I still attend many of the events and festivals in the Ashburn area including the Ashburn Village 4th of July fireworks—they are definitely the best in the county.

Ashburn Village Road            As I was waiting for the fireworks to commence, I noticed a slight error in a street sign. There is no such thing as “Ashburn Village Road.”

This is not the first time that signs have been messed up in the county; however, I feel as though it is becoming more of a commonplace as there is a lack of attention to detail. I remember reading a few months back in the opinion section the misspelling of “Cotton Commons” at the new traffic light in Lansdowne where it should be “Coton Commons.”

I feel as though technology is consuming more and more of people’s daily lives and attention to detail is something that is lacking in everyday society. It is a skill that is no longer commonplace like it once was. I just hope that future generations learn when to take a break from the consistent utilization of technology in order to focus on little details.

Daniel T. Eisert, Leesburg

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