Purcellville: Water May Smell Funny, but is Safe

Over the weekend, the Purcellville utilities staff noticed a slight change in the taste and odor of water produced in the town’s water system, resulting in a musty or earthy taste.

The water meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements and does not pose a public health risk, according to the town’s Public Works Department.

The source of the taste difference apparently is related to water coming from the town’s surface water source at the JT Hirst Reservoir. Typically, such situations occur during hot summer months when staff members work to limit the amount of algae or other organic materials that blooms in the heat.

The staff is making additional changes at the water treatment plant to help address the issue, including pulling more water from the town’s wells, which are unaffected by the heat. However, these changes may take several days to complete, according to the town.

For more information, contact Brian Lutton Water Superintendent at 540-338-2513 or blutton@purcellvilleva.gov.

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