Letter: Mike Panchura, Sterling

Editor: Selling a car is a metaphor for selling a presidential candidate, and the Democrats are—metaphorically speaking—now trying to sell to us another lemon.

In 2008, the Democrats sold to 74,845 Loudoun County voters the Obamamobile, which turned out to be a real lemon. In 2012, they sold to 82,479 Loudoun County voters a used Obamamobile, which was a bigger clunker than the 2008 model. Now, they are trying to sell to us the 2016 Hillarymobile.

On its exterior, the Obamamobile did indeed appear to be sleek, smart, and flashy. We were promised that it would do wondrous things. But alas, the Obamamobile’s performance was disappointing:

It made only left turns and never moved to the center of the road. Its fuel gage told the driver that the gas tank was full even when it was obviously empty. The red line on the oil temperature gage was as meaningless as its namesake’s so-called red line in Syria. The windshield glass was rose-colored, tinted that way to prevent a driver from observing the deleterious effects the Obamamobile had on the economy and the safety of America. The AM/FM radio was disabled so that the driver could not hear from Rush Limbaugh and other radio hosts the truth about the car’s poor performance. It had a penchant for carelessly driving over and flattening the U.S. Constitution. Whenever it got a traffic ticket for speeding, it always blamed the cops. Most disappointingly, when matched against foreign cars like the Putinmobile and the ISISmobile, its performance on the road proved to be extremely timid and weak.

Now, as they roll out for sale the 2016 Hillarymobile, the Democrats are making the exact promises that they made about the Obamamobile. They say that the Hillarymobile is going to do the same wondrous things that they told us the Obamamobile was expected, but failed, to do.

I’m not buying it.

Rather, I intend to buy the Trumpmobile, which unlike the Obamamobile has a huge set of ball…ummmm…bearings, and which has a much more trustworthy steering system and a much less crooked chassis than the Hillarymobile.

If you still insist on buying the Hillarymobile for yourself, then my only advice to you is: Caveat Emptor, i.e, Let the buyer beware.

Mike Panchura, Sterling

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