Letter: Kelly Burk, Leesburg Vice Mayor

Editor:  I am always amazed when residents have a town issue that is important to them but they don’t come to the council meeting to speak to the issue. In particular, I’m concerned about the Crescent Park development. Some are upset about it but they don’t come to the meeting to tell their council.

When I ask why they don’t come, they almost always tell me, “It won’t make a difference.”

I am here to say, having worked in our schools and as an elected official in town and county government, it does make a difference. You know that old expression, help me help you.

But you have to come before the council and explain your views.

Nothing improves the aim of government like having a target—and you can define the bulls eye—if you take the time to do so.

I won’t kid you either that it takes some resolve, to persist, to explain the rightness of your cause. The more you come to meetings and speak to the ongoing nuances that concern the community the more likely you are to persuade the council and to have it act on your concerns.  One person can make a difference. That might be you.

In my experience, when I’ve seen another member disagree with a citizen appearing before the council, the dialogue so clarifies the issue, it advances the view of the citizen, prompting elected official to reconsider their positon on the issue.  Logic matters. But so does the passion of the person speaking.

You, a single voter, do therefore have the power, by the strength of your argument, and the intensity you bring to bear, to gather support for your cause, even to change a council members mind.

In recent days, I have an issue that concerns me deeply.

These last few weeks I have been walking around town, as I hope to become the town mayor, and the real value of this is that I get to talk to some folk who may not come to a council meeting.

I’m getting a lot of questions about the proposed Crescent Parke development.

There is a real push back on the street to how this will change our town, what it will mean to the neighborhood.

I believe the citizens are right that the high density is a real concern, the impact of the increased traffic flow, affecting those who live on Gateway and Harrison. Many are concerned with the school impacts and the lack of green space. Others worry the lack of parking will increase the on street parking on Gateway.

Nor do I care to clear away three acres of parkland to build townhouses.

I encourage each and every one of our town folk who resent this development to email the council or, better yet, come to the meeting and tell the council your concerns.

Your combined presence may make the difference. You might learn something you did not know before, you might find there are others that share your concerns; you might change a vote in your direction. Nothing like that will happen unless you get involved.

At the Tuesday, July 26, town council meeting there is a vote scheduled on the Crescent Parke development.

So get involved. Your involvement can make all the difference.

Kelly Burk, Leesburg Vice Mayor

13 thoughts on “Letter: Kelly Burk, Leesburg Vice Mayor

  • 2016-07-22 at 4:18 pm

    Having worked in the school, Ms. Burk, are you suggesting that repeatedly demonstrating our LCSB is defrauding the federal US DoE might get them to actually adhere to the law? Or that broadcasting Chairman Hornberger’s flagrant violation of the conflict of interest rules would get him or the LCSB to force disclosure prior to votes?

    Surely you are not suggesting that 1-2 folks will be able to turn crooked politicians honest, are you?

  • 2016-07-23 at 2:34 am

    Kelly – I don’t think many of us are huge fans of the project, but I think it’s laughable that you are spewing your liberal ideology as construction project after construction has been built under your watch on the Town Council. This project is likely to significantly impact me personally, many roads, hundreds of other people, a handful of schools, etc., but how’s that different than the other new construction project being built off of Catoctin Circle or the massive one that will be started shortly by Van Metre in the corn (feed) field off 15 heading out of Town to the South?!? To the 300+ folks on the change.org website, I was aware even before formally moving to Leesburg in 2009 that the area was slated for development, so “your woods” are not “your woods”. They are the private property Owned by someone else who has the right to develop their land. In the eyes of a liberal, the last defense is to claim development is rife with watershed problems, which seems to be the case…… Please come out and get your 5-minutes of fame and help Kelly make the next meeting a 6-hour session. I will gladly fast forward through the taped version of the meeting on the website.

  • 2016-07-23 at 4:12 pm

    SGP – she did not talk about any of that. For you to once again suggest that another posting is about your failed fight against the SB is another terrible behavior that you seem unable to avoid. We get it. You fee that you have been wronged and you chose your fight over your kids and no one is coming to your aid now that you regret that decisions. But give us a break. If you want to post again about all the evil in the SB, why not write your own letter instead of hijacking conversations here and on FB.

  • 2016-07-23 at 8:40 pm

    this is the problem with some members of the Council — they can only make a decision if they see the whites of people’s eyes and this one expects the public to be in the room to give her cover on a vote We are elected to lead, not follow, and it’s bad policy to vote based on who has more warm bodies in the council chambers. Because of the “squeaky wheel in the room,” “this council has wasted more than $1 million on wider brick sidewalks, and might be spending $900,000 for a skate park that was supposed to cost about half of that amount.

    • 2016-07-29 at 8:30 pm

      Mr. Reid I don’t think I’ve seen much of you on the council webcasts until recently. Maybe because you’re running for office now? Oh, maybe because there were a lot of eyes on this Crescent Park thing so by default you’d get some eyes on you? This council has wasted money on more than sidewalks or a skate park and you are coming to rescue everyone now? Maybe you want to explain your vote on the Metro Silver Line? Which squeaky wheel was in your room when you voted yes on that?

  • 2016-07-23 at 9:09 pm

    Kelly. After working a full day and commuting way too long, many of us would rather spend time with our families that go to a town, SB or BOS meeting to speak for 2 minutes. To assume that only those who do show up are the only ones who care in our community is quite a bad assumption. There are many more who cannot make it it. Given all the practices, games, rehearsals, and tutoring that goes on in Leesburg after business hours, you should not expect significant attendance at your meetings. Maybe if you asked your neighbors and the families around town, you could understand our needs and wants. Do not rely only on official meetings

  • 2016-07-24 at 10:13 am

    There is no solution to this problem. Many citizens are apathetic on public policy votes if for no other reason than they lead busy lives. Trusting the echo chamber of your friends and neighbors is not a reliable indication of voter positions. Reliable polls would be more effective but not sure that will ever happen in smaller jurisdictions.

    Ken Reid is right in that Burk just wants cover. Umstattd even paid for robocalls to get cover for her votes. How pathetic!

    As to CareerSwitcher, your ignorance has been demonstrated far and wide. Once again, you fail to recognize that I won every case outside Loudoun including decisions in two federal courts where it is much harder to justify jurisdiction. Stay tuned, the conflict of interest statute may soon be adjudicated in a federal courtroom instead of a kangaroo court.

    • 2016-07-25 at 9:25 am

      First, SGP, since you do not live in the town, the politics here are none of your concern. Focus on Loudoun County. What we decided and who we support is our business, not that of those living in Landsdowne.

      Second, you are not the subject of this letter. In fact, I cannot recall any article in recent times that has to do with you at all!

      • 2016-07-25 at 11:36 am

        CareerSwitcher implies I want attention. That’s funny given that I never sought it out prior to Sep 2014 when I learned the LCSB was corrupt. Actually, in addition to using a screen name, I am quite eager to go back to a quiet life. But there’s just one problem.

        This county is very corrupt. Many have contacted me affirming that and thanking me for not backing down. Many would like to speak out or testify about the corruption but fear retaliation. But many of the corrupt officials or their patrons (hi CareerSwitcher) would do virtually anything to get me to stop. Kind of like CareerSwitcher finds the time to reply to my comments without ever asking officials to follow the law.

        Here’s the deal. Many others are in a position to highlight corruption. The newspapers won’t print stories on it. The Commonwealth Attorney won’t prosecute it. LCSB won’t disclose clear, unambiguous conflicts as required by law. The BOS now appears to dismiss its own FOIA violations. LCSB and the CA illegally censor speech of those who do speak out (Loudoun County has done so for periods of time as well).

        So I’ll make you a deal, CareerSwitcher. You hold them accountable. You speak out and use the legal system to enforce the law. Or find somebody who will. I’ll go back to my life and stop driving this train. But, of course, you like the system of corruption and patronage so that will never happen. Nobody buys your distractions. But I’m sure you get “kudos” for “standing up” to the citizen who points out how corrupt LCPS is, eh?

        As for this article, special interest groups are a problem everywhere. On a statewide or national level, polls allow politicians to discern what voters actually want. On a local level, they can’t know. So they pressure their favored special interests like Burk has here (or Umstattd does with robocalls) to make it appear there is genuine support where little exists. Ken Reid understands this and pointed it out much to Lawgh’s dismay. Nobody is fooled on either side.

        • 2016-07-25 at 1:21 pm

          When you vote in Leesburg elections, your voice will count. Until then, stay out of town

          • 2016-07-25 at 3:49 pm

            I don’t imagine I’ll be moving to the PRL anytime soon. The People’s Republic of Leesburg, that is. Why exactly would I want to pay higher taxes to live beside a bunch of liberals? Or Bill Fox?

  • 2016-07-24 at 12:52 pm

    Ken Reid continues to amaze me. He wants to be elected to the Leesburg Town Council, and comments here that he does not want to hear from the public (apparently he knows all the answers, and we the people need not clutter up meetings by letting Ken Reid know what we think is a good thing). We do not need a Ken Reid, who appears to think he can act like an emperor, and we should only serve the role of thankful peasants.

  • 2016-07-29 at 7:41 pm

    Kelly you listened to the wrong people and you didn’t listen to the one’s who did talk when they came before council. You didn’t save one tree on that land with your no vote, the land doesn’t belong to the town. You didn’t take the people who actually live in the area into account at all. You abandoned them to a by-right development that isn’t going to ask ANYONE including you, for their opinion. I thought you might have had something important to say so I did some poking around and those 3 acres you went on and on about are on the OTHER SIDE OF THE FILTHY POND at Izaak Walton. Did you plan a ferry boat ride to get people over to that section so they can play in the weeds? How dare you talk about ball fields and other things at that run down old park. Nobody has spent a dime more than they had to in that park for years! This is why people don’t come to town council meetings. Anyone with a lick of intelligence couldn’t sit there and listen to this nonsense for more than 1 minute before they left and never returned. I can hardly watch the webcasts without my eyes glazing over. You’re not Mayor material, I don’t think you should be there at all. There, now you’ve heard from the people. Happy?

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