Letter: Samantha Bailey, Ashburn Village Community Association Board of Directors

Editor:  As a homeowner in one of the largest HOAs in Loudoun County, we are required by the governing documents to maintain our property to certain standards. These standards were put in place and are enforced in order to keep our community appealing and our property values where they should be.

Our Board of Directors and our Community Association staff members work very hard to maintain all of our assets, such as common area, recreation centers and the largest, the Ashburn Village Sports Pavilion. We also regularly reach out to entities that have equipment within our community to ensure that they are completing their scheduled maintenance as well.

As president of the Board of Directors, I can say that we have had great response with all of these entities, with the exception of one. Verizon has been contacted on several occasions to remove all broken utility boxes that are no longer required to provide service to the residents in the area or repair and properly maintain those utility boxes that are still providing service to residents. Verizon has sent someone out to look at them several times but soon after they disappear and never show back up to perform the maintenance.

The board has worked with the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors to try to get Verizon to remove/repair the utility boxes to no avail. The board even had the association’s legal counsel contact Verizon. The utility boxes still sit broken, with wires open to the elements or sticking out and corroded. When Verizon was given easements to install their utility boxes many, many years ago, unfortunately the easement did not include a clause that they also must maintain their equipment. Even so, it’s a shame that Verizon feels that it does not need to maintain their utility boxes throughout Ashburn Village and blindly ignore any requests to do so.

It would be wonderful if it could live up to its own company credo—“a blueprint that directs us to live up to the highest standards possible when serving our customers, share-owners, communities and each other.”

Sounds like Verizon may need a new credo.


Samantha Bailey, President

Jennifer Horvath, Secretary

Ashburn Village Community Association Board of Directors


One thought on “Letter: Samantha Bailey, Ashburn Village Community Association Board of Directors

  • 2016-07-29 at 12:33 pm

    Verizon needs broken utility boxes, so, as they did during the most recent strike, they can post pictures of them claiming damage by striking workers.

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