Rack Room Shoes Launches Back-to-School Shoe Drive

Rack Room Shoes has launched its annual Shoes That Fit campaign, raising money to provide new shoes to children in need in Loudoun County and elsewhere.

Customers are asked to donate to the cause at the register upon checkout at one of the stores or online.

All of the donations will pay for shoes to be provided to students in need, and Rack Room Shoes will also match the donated funds up to $300,000.

Rack Room Shoes has been recognized by the Loudoun School/Business Partnership Executive Council for providing more than $20,000 worth of shoes to students at Guilford Elementary School since 2009.

“There is always an increased need,” said Guilford Elementary school counselor Karen Thompson. “For families who are struggling to make rent payments or put food on the table, shoes may not be their priority.”

The campaign will extend through mid-September and re-open in November to launch the retailer’s holiday fundraiser. Last year, the Rack Room Shoes donated more than $1 million to Shoes That Fit through its annual fundraisers.

Learn more at www.rackroomshoes.com.

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