Letter: Jamie Schwartz, Bethesda, MD

Editor: Recently, while shopping for produce at an outdoor market on a hot, sunny day, I noticed several dogs panting heavily and frantically picking up their paws from the pavement. I took my sandal off and felt the ground with my own foot. It was so hot that I was in pain within a second.

I rushed around the market, warning people that their dogs’ feet must be burning. One tiny dog was in so much pain that she was running in place. Thankfully, most of the people I talked with cared about their dogs and quickly picked them up or moved them to the cool grass. But many people still don’t realize how dangerous hot pavement is and harm their dogs by dragging them along on stifling days.

My own pup stays safe and cool inside a shaded stroller, but on hot days, I leave him at home where he is most comfortable. I urge everyone to think of their pups’ paws this summer and always test the pavement before setting out. Remember: If it feels hot, it’s too hot for Spot.

Jamie Schwartz, Bethesda, MD

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