AVIE Offers Hair Growth Treatment

AVIE! MedSpa and Laser Center in Leesburg has added PRP hair restoration to its list of services. The non-surgical treatment counteracts hair that is balding or thinning because of age or genetics.

The Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix treatment uses platelet rich plasma, a substance that occurs naturally in the blood and contains a number of essential proteins and growth factors used to restore function to cells and tissues in targeted areas throughout the body.

During PRP hair restoration, a sample of blood is drawn and nutrient rich PRP is isolated before being injected back into the scalp under a light topical anesthetic. The process stimulates the function of hair follicles for enhanced growth of natural hair.

Co-owner Kim Marinetto, RN, said she has seen PRP hair restoration help both men and women alike regain the lively and luscious hair of their youth. PRP hair restoration treatments can be combined with Viviscal Professonal products for even greater results.

For more information, go to aviemedspa.com.

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