Loudoun County Recognized for 30 Years of GIS Innovation

Geographic information system software giant Esri last week highlighted Loudoun County’s three decades of experience with GIS technology.

The county began using Esri’s GIS software in the late 1980s. Among its first uses was to help with site selection of a new landfill. By the early 1990s, the county opened its GIS data for public use and then putting the mapping system’s tools online a decade later.

“I’ve been watching Loudoun County for a long time through the evolution of their technology,” Esri founder Jack Dangermond stated. “Now we’re entering a new era. Loudoun not only continues paving the way in open data, but serves as an example for how government of all sizes can engage the public and become smart communities.”

The next step is to roll out a GIS-enabled computer aided dispatch system that will improve information available to dispatchers, including the location of vehicles and callers.


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