Another Airing for Crescent Parke? Not from Gemmill

Amid speculation that a majority of the Leesburg Town Council would agree to reconsider its failed 3-4 vote to approve Crescant Parke rezoning application, such a move appeared unlikely following the council’s Monday work session.

Councilman Bruce Gemmill voted against the development two weeks ago but had been cited as a possible swing vote to revive the application. Tonight, Gemmill said he had no plans to do so.
Reports surfaced over the weekend that Gemmill was planning to put forward a motion to reconsider the council’s July 26 denial of the Crescent Parke plan. Gemmill participated in that meeting over the phone because of work travel and was one of four council members to vote against approval of the rezoning. He was joined by Vice Mayor Kelly Burk and council members Tom Dunn and Marty Martinez.

Gemmill confirmed following Monday night’s work session that he would not be putting forward a motion of any sort Tuesday night related to the Crescent Parke application.

The application sought to rezone 53 acres of vacant commercial land in the town’s Crescent District redevelopment zone to permit a mixed-use project that would include 198 townhouses, 96 stacked townhouses and 96 multifamily dwelling units. Nonresidential uses would have included a maximum of 110,550 square feet of office space, 137,000 square feet of retail, an area for a future hotel, and a 2,000-square-foot community room. The land stretches from the terminus of Gateway Drive to Davis Drive along the edge of the Leesburg Bypass.

Barring an 11th hour change of heart, it appears unlikely any other council member will bring forward a motion to reconsider, or rescind, the July 26 decision. Mayor David Butler, at the conclusion of Monday night’s work session, asked council members if they wished to add any agenda item to Tuesday’s meeting. None responded.

One other option remains for Lansdowne Development Group and Hobie Mitchel, the developer behind the project—appealing the council’s decision to the Circuit Court. That action must be taken within 30 days’ of the council’s decision. After Tuesday, the council will not convene again until September, as it regularly recesses during the second half of August.

One thought on “Another Airing for Crescent Parke? Not from Gemmill

  • 2016-08-09 at 4:37 pm

    Sounds like news paper is attempting the mind reading business. Really look at this fact finding hard reporting: “Amid speculation…a move appeared unlikely…cited as a possible…it appears unlikely “.

    then “Gemmill confirmed” he would be doing nothing. Wow a story about nothing!

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