Letter: Cindy Bloomingdale, Leesburg

Editor: Last Tuesday, my children and I headed to Ashburn for the Trump rally. I would not consider myself an avid Trump supporter, but my children and I were interested in seeing Trump in person.

When we arrived about 9:40 a.m., the line wrapped around Briar Woods High School, and doubled back along the back side of the building. By the time the Loudoun County deputies announced that the auditorium was full, the line stretched past an athletic field at the back of the school to a service entrance adjacent to Belmont Ridge Road. The mood was upbeat and fun.

Near the end of your article, “Trump Stumps in Ashburn,” you state, “Before the event, a line of more than a thousand people wrapped around the building. Loudoun County Fire Marshal Linda Hale said around 860 seats were available for the public inside.” According to your article, only a few hundred people were left without seats at the event. Unfortunately, I find your statement misleading.

There was a very large crowd left outside the building (more than a few hundred). Many chose to stay and catch a glimpse of Trump’s motorcade. There were so many people crowded around when the motorcade arrived that my children and I were unable to see much of anything.

Your article also focused heavily on the protesters. While I did not see the protests in the auditorium, I did walk past the protesters at the road several times. I did not see any heated exchanges and found the protests rather civil. At a rally with, by your estimate, more than a thousand people and only tens of protesters, you would think your pictures would show mainly the supporters. Especially since there were some very entertaining supporters, including a young boy dressed as Trump (who had his picture taken quite often with other attendees).

I would appreciate accurate coverage of events. I have enjoyed your coverage of local events, but I must now read articles with a little more suspicion.

Cindy Bloomingdale, Leesburg

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  • 2016-08-10 at 10:53 am

    good luck with the accurate news – I’d just be happy with the news covering the fact that Hillary’s email caused an execution – instead of a comment that’s meant to be funny by Trump being blown into a fake issue. we all know who the media wants in.

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