Loudoun School Superintendent Gets $14K Pay Raise

Superintendent Eric Williams is getting a $14,000 raise after the Loudoun County School Board voted Tuesday to extend his contract to 2020.

The contract promises a compensation package of $357,800, including a base salary of $260,000. He also receives a $12,000 annual car allowance and a $30,000 salary deferral, money that he can receive as taxable compensation or elect to deposit into supplemental retirement accounts, according to the contract.

Williams was hired in 2014 following the retirement of Edgar B. Hatrick, who led the school system for 23 years. He was hired on a four-year contract that included a compensation package of $347,201 ($14,400 of which was one-time pay to cover moving expenses) and a base salary of $240,000.

That original contract was not up for another two years, but Chairman Eric Hornberger (Ashburn) said the board wanted to let the superintendent know they were happy with his performance and they want him to stick around.

“We want to convey to him that we think he’s doing a fine job, we want him to stay, and we don’t want him looking for another job,” Hornberger said.

So, in a unanimous vote Tuesday, they adopted a new four-year contract that extends to 2020, and awards Williams a 5.5 percent raise over his current pay. It also includes a longevity bonus of $20,000—paid out over four years—if he stays another four years and promises automatic raises when the board approves raises for the rest of the division staff members and Williams receives a stellar evaluation. That raise will be the weighted average percentage increase for all employees.

See the full contract here.

Hornberger noted that Williams’ pay is comparable to that of superintendents who lead similar sized school systems and is in fact lower than other superintendents’ in Northern Virginia.

Prince William County Superintendent Steven Walts just got a big pay hike and now earns a compensation package of $413,000, the most of any school leader in the commonwealth. Karen Garza, the superintendent of schools for Fairfax, who oversees the largest school division in Virginia, receives an annual salary of $300,000, plus $25,000 in annual retirement savings, a $2,000 monthly housing allowance, and the use of a vehicle, laptop and cell phone for professional and personal purposes.


3 thoughts on “Loudoun School Superintendent Gets $14K Pay Raise

  • 2016-08-11 at 9:15 am

    I guess when your superintendent is willing to lie for you (in court or to the public), those services are invaluable to folks like Hornberger, Turgeon and Rose. Kind of like Roger Goodell being paid $50M+ to take the heat for all the NFL owners.

    Let’s recap Williams “accomplishments”:

    1. Eliminated finals/midterms in the middle of the summer via “executive decision” to minimize any public/parent pushback

    2. Ended the practice of having LCPS schools take part in the international PISA exam after it showed dreadful performance by every participating school. The Stone Bridge principal was on record saying it helped show him where they could improve but Williams and LCSB ended that practice. After hosting a mid-Atlantic PISA conference in May 2015, they all put a triumphant final kick in PISA by purging all the reports from their website not unlike they removed the suicide prevention plan.

    3. Williams presided over massive exaggerations in the budget estimates including a $6M error for step increases. They failed to answer many board member questions correctly (did you know that 70% of our teachers only have a Bachelors… at least that’s what Williams and COS Richards told us) and have no multi-year budget plan.

    4. Williams is leading the charge to increase the take-home pay of Hornberger, Turgeon and DeKenipp. They all have spouses who work in LCPS and targeted extra pay raises help their family income. Williams is all too happy to help give a little extra bump in their spouse’s paychecks even though none of these board members disclose that conflict.

    5. And Williams is even willing to hide information while under oath in court. After LCPS hid its actual PISA briefing from its website, Williams claimed he never knew it was being released under oath. A couple weeks later, Williams and co. withheld 27 pages of emails that directly related to his conversations about that withholding. It’s very likely Williams committed perjury for this board.

    I reiterate my suggestion that we make a $100M trade for Supt Karen Garza of Fairfax. It would be well worth it to toss out this charlatan and get a superintendent who cares about children, not whether they are included in a “best of the blogs” on Twitter.

  • 2016-08-11 at 10:03 am

    I understand the retirement “bonus” for those with 20+ years of service to LCPS was cut in half last year with no open discussion. Evidently those teachers at the top of the pay scale, those with the most experience in the field have not received even a cost of living raise in the last 3 years, yet their insurance premiums have steadily increased. This superintendent is a puppet of the school board, make no mistake.

  • 2016-08-11 at 10:28 am

    One more interesting tidbit. Thanks for the link to the contract Danielle.

    I’ve never seen anyone get paid to “promote” elected officials. Apparently Williams can’t speak the truth about the schools or policy if it doesn’t “promote” the school board in a good light. The DoD Joint Chiefs tell the truth to Congress but not Williams. He only protects/praises LCSB per this contract.

    That explains why he said there was “no reason” the suicide prevention plan couldn’t be posted on the LCPS website. Apparently, Williams wants it restored but the school board members must have ordered it taken down. And then several of them even claimed not to know or to “feel” the heartache of the speakers at the last meeting. They are laughing at you since it was the LCSB members who apparently ordered it taken down against professional advice. This is your school board, Loudoun citizens. Wake up.

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