Letter: Janice Schell, Purcellville

Editor: It seems that almost daily now we hear from “Never Trump” Republicans who say they cannot and will not vote for Donald Trump for president because he is somehow unfit or lacks the proper judgment.

Recently, fifty self-described national security experts published an open letter stating as much, suggesting that Mr. Trump would be “reckless” when it comes to national security matters.

One of those supposed experts, John Bellenger, the author of the letter, was interviewed this week by the hosts of WMAL’s morning program “Mornings on the Mall,” and what he said during that interview should bring into question his own judgment more so than the judgment of Donald Trump.

When asked how he and the other 49 signatories of the letter could point out all of their perceived faults of Donald Trump while failing to mention any of Hillary Clinton’s, Mr. Bellenger responded only by assuring the hosts that he would not be voting for Hillary. However, when asked how he could risk allowing Hillary to win the presidency, Mr. Bellenger said he did not believe Hillary would make “reckless” national security decisions.

Oh, really? How can Mr. Bellenger say such a thing considering all that we know about Hillary Clinton? This is the woman who, according to FBI Director James Comey, showed “extreme carelessness” in her handling of classified information by allowing it to be stored on her private server. This is the woman who sold 20 percent of U.S. uranium deposits to the Russians through a shady deal negotiated through a company in Canada with money flowing back to the Clinton Foundation. This is the woman who also made shady deals with other foreign countries as well, such as Saudi Arabia, which, according to recently released State Department emails, obtained favors from the State Department in exchange for huge donations to the Clinton Foundation. This is the woman who made so many bad decisions while Secretary of State, helping to create the mess we now see in the Middle East, giving rise to ISIS and the tremendous refugee crisis. And the very woman who helped to create this mess in the Middle East is now prepared to risk national security by promising to bring more of these refugees into our country despite the fact that both our FBI Director and Secretary of Homeland Security warn that these refugees cannot be properly vetted to ensure that they are not coming here to harm Americans.

Clearly, it is Hillary Clinton who has already proven to be reckless when it comes to national security, placing her own personal interests ahead of those of her country. So it is guys like Mr. Bellenger and his fellow “Never Trumpers” who lack judgment if they are willing to give the keys to the White House to such a reckless woman.

When pressed, Mr. Bellenger admitted he never reached out to Mr. Trump to offer his advice; instead, he decried the fact that Mr. Trump didn’t reach out to him. Well, now that we know Mr. Bellenger does not have the proper judgment to recognize the recklessness of Hilary Clinton’s past actions and the risk she poses should she become president, it seems Mr. Trump has already proven that it is he who has the better judgment.

Janice Schell, Purcellville

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