Leesburg BAR Seeks Vision for Town Hall Grounds before Voting on Fountain

The Leesburg Board of Architectural Review wants the Town Council to put some more thought into the future of the land surrounding Town Hall before it considers plans to build an interactive water fountain along Loudoun Street.

Meeting Monday night, the panel adopted a resolution asking the Town Council to develop a master plan that provides more detail about future uses of the land around Town Hall, including the open spaces on the south side of the town garage where the fountain is planned, the Rose Garden area, the Town Green and the alley east of the garage. The request follows questions by board members about whether the corner of Loudoun Street and the alley was the best location for the fountain.

Under the current schedule, the BAR faces an Oct. 3 deadline to vote on the Certificate of Appropriateness for the splash pad. William Ference, the parks department space planner who is leading the project, agreed that a master plan would be helpful, but worried about delaying the fountain, which is planned for construction this fiscal year. The BAR voted to put its review of the project on hold until hearing from the council.

The council in December approved spending $300,000 on the project, designed to be a focal point of Mervin Jackson Park and to help bring visitors downtown. Under current plans, the splash pad would open by next summer, after five months of construction.

2 thoughts on “Leesburg BAR Seeks Vision for Town Hall Grounds before Voting on Fountain

  • 2016-08-18 at 8:00 am

    Here’s an idea, let’s put the money into a rainy day account in case we truly need it for real services one day. My Town Council really, really continues to make insane decisions on how they are spending OUR money. Several years ago, they spent several hundred thousand dollars in design related to connecting walkways and incorporating building a footpath bridge over Route 7. Problem was, after spending the massive amount of money, they didn’t even consider knocking on a few doors of the one neighborhood that the planned project would affect the most. The Mayor Kristen and Town Council, mostly Forward Thinking Liberals, didn’t have the common sense to do a minor analysis before the design phase. This is similar to the recent pet project sidewalk widening construction for one strip on one street, which cost US a staggering three million dollars. In my opinion, this job was pushed through in previous years by Mayor Kristen, but funding and other obstacles existed, then all of Kristen’s friends on the current Town Council approved the job. Say what you want, if you live outside of Leesburg don’t say anything, but we need some folks on the new Town Council who won’t crazily spend OUR money. Several folks if elected, like Evan MacBeth, will creatively find ways to funnel as much as he can to the “at-risk” neighborhoods. Kelly will be on board for another two years regardless if she wins Mayor, but she needs to lose her position as she previously wanted to self-fund road projects that would primarily help out-of-state persons. Same applies to the liberal others who keep wasting OUR money. Ron, Gwen…. You keep aligning yourselves with other liberals on the Town Council. Make a change and realize you need them to leave to gain their spots, not the current Republicans. You know their weaknesses, so exploit them in lieu of the photo-ops and socials. Nobody wants to talk about our wasted money, gang issues, etc. They just want to slap some lipstick on our land to impress the new class of Millennials entering our Town.

  • 2016-08-18 at 2:31 pm

    Ah, I see Leesburgfinest (Not!) is at it again. Still obsessing, and lying, about former Mayor Umstattd’s record as mayor. One would assume that LeeFin would at least try to get some story correct. But, again, all this goes to support the reality that Tom Dunn and Katie Hammler have done enough damage to the town, and both need to be replaced this November. Why? first, because they are doing harm to the Town, and second, it will give leesburgfinest (Not!) something more to grouse about, and misrepresent in the future.

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