Letter: Nedim Ogelman, Purcellville Town Council

Editor: I am writing to clarify a statement attributed in last week’s issue. The article indicates I discussed “how to develop public proposals sooner” at Purcellville’s Aug. 9 Town Council meeting.

These are not words I used. Rather, I spoke about working to make sure Town Hall is empowering Purcellville citizens instead of favoring outside developer interests. I asked how Town Hall—in the spirit of transparency—can ensure residents know as soon as possible what developers are proposing or seeking to build in our town.

This is important to clarify because Purcellville voters in the recent election expressed a strong desire for slow growth and retaining our small town character. Open, deliberative democracy requires that citizens have as much information as possible as early as possible so they can express clear preferences on decisions likely to affect their quality of life and property.

Transparent government is giving our creative, civic­minded citizens all the information they need as early as possible to help Purcellville make the right choices. Waiting until there is a public hearing to provide information to our citizens for the first time is much too late.

Nedim Ogelman, Purcellville Town Council

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