Letter: Jackie Wilson, Chantilly

Editor: I am a single mom of two daughters in Loudoun County. The gun violence in America right now makes me feel anxious about our safety.

Virginia’s laws governing gun sales and ownership are too lax, and I fear will one day cause the gun violence stories on the news to affect me personally.

Therefore, this November, I am looking at the candidate’s views on gun laws or their voting record on gun laws if already in office. While researching the two candidates running for our district in Congress, Barbara Comstock and LuAnn Bennett, I found that Barbara Comstock supports the laws that make the NRA happy. As a Virginia Delegate, she voted yes to allow guns in bars in Virginia. Alcohol and guns do not go together under any condition. In Congress, she helped block a vote on banning guns for people on the terrorism watch list. LuAnn Bennett supports common-sense gun safety measures, like universal background checks and closing the gun-show loophole.

When Donald Trump recently made comments that incited violence via the Second Amendment, I expected Barbara Comstock to denounce his comments. She did not! For these reasons, I will be voting for LuAnn Bennett. She has denounced Trump and she stands on the side of the people and children in our community. I encourage all Loudoun Moms to do the same.

This November’s vote is more important than most years. There is a lot at stake and I hope that my fellow Loudoun Moms are well versed in what our candidate’s views are when it comes to gun violence. This vote is about our children’s future not just about the next few years. A vote for LuAnn Bennett is a vote for the safety of our children and community.

Jackie Wilson, Chantilly

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  • 2016-08-29 at 6:00 pm

    Jackie Wilson, thank you for your letter. I come away asking myself why in the world would Barbara Comstock vote against a bill to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists?And why would she vote to allow guns in bars? I am a mother and don’t understand why she isn’t working to keep families and people like myself– who occasionally want to have a moms night out and enjoy a drink– safer. Why should I have to worry about whether people in the bar and who have been drinking have guns? I don’t want me or my friends to be caught in the crossfire between angry drunks. I will not be voting for Comstock this fall.

  • 2016-08-30 at 10:54 am

    Ms. Wilson regurgitates mindless democrat talking points, without any critical thought whatsoever.

    How chilling that Ms. Wilson, “suburban mom,” and the rest of the democrat party are openly advocating for the elimination of our Due Process protections as guaranteed in our federal and state constitutions. I doubt either of you could explain how, but that is exactly what you’re pushing for. Let’s hear from “suburban mom” or Ms. Wilson why they are pushing to eliminate the critical civil right of Due Process. We’re all ears.

    If either of you individuals actually understood the law, rather than just blathering dusty old talking points, you would know it’s against the law to consume alcohol in a public place while in possession of a firearm, and has been for decades. In fact “suburban mom,” you’re surrounded by law abiding individuals, including a large number of mom’s, carrying firearms everyday and you don’t even know it.

    Our essential right, indeed our obligation, to defend our kids doesn’t stop at the restaurant door.

    If these false, fear mongering, narratives are all you have to hammer Barbara on, you’re insulting every women reading this because you don’t think they’re capable of understanding Barbara’s support for the secretive job killing Trans Pacific trade pact the president is pushing, or her vote for the president’s grotesque omnibus spending bill this past winter. Those are real issues Barbara should be explaining — not phony juvenile innuendos.

    Fortunately, Loudoun mom’s are too smart to fall for the silly lies. They’re concerned about the economy and their jobs; A national debt which has turned our children and grandchildren into economic serfs, because we had to live it up and stick them with the bill; horrific traffic congestion; education, and the ever insatiable and confiscatory taxes which take money out of their pocketbooks, that they would far better spend on their families.

    When you people find real issues to discuss, get back to us.

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