Caulkins Celebrates 60 Years in Business

There were smiles all around Saturday as Caulkins Jewelers held a special diamond anniversary sale celebrating a trio of milestones—60 years in business; recognition of 90-year-old jewelry store owner Stanley Caulkins as the longest serving individual retailer in the town; and the one-year anniversary of the store’s move to 36 Catoctin Circle SE, following a fire at the store’s longtime location on South King Street.

A steady stream of visitors came and went at the store Saturday, enjoying the anniversary 20 percent off sale items and greeting staff members as old friends.

Stanley Caulkins was unable to be present as he was recovering from a spell in the hospital, but his brother, 85-year-old Roger Caulkins, was on hand to greet customers.

One of the most remarkable features about Caulkins Jewelers is its steady longevity. Roger Caulkins, formerly a rocket scientist, later joined his brother and now provides day-to-day oversight of the business, which sells jewelry, fancy umbrellas and matching scarves, its trademark decorative Polish dishes, glass, silver and pewter items, and also does some jewelry and watch repairs.

Stanley Caulkins comes in as much as possible, almost every day. As his staff members lovingly quip, “Stanley does character,” in tribute to the former Town Councilman’s regular dishing out of salty humor and wit.

And longevity is one of the core features of the staff. Jessica Shugge has been at Caulkins for 28 years,  Violet M. Mallory and Bryan Chadwick for 16 years, and Eileen M. Mosholder for 11 years. Laura A, Lorenz has been the store’s bookkeeper since 1996.

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