Letter: Susana Calley, Round Hill

Editor: The current long bus ride times for western Loudoun middle school and high school children of three hours a day are unacceptable.

Children in southwest and northwest Loudoun deserve more resources to alleviate this problem. Building large regional schools in the center of western Loudoun close to the population center of Purcellville may provide some economy of scale, but efforts to be efficient have become too extreme when kids are spending three hours on the school bus each day.

The negative impacts of long rural bus rides are well documented: Children are exhausted, have less time for homework and are less likely to participate in after school activities.

Loudoun County Public Schools should explore alternative models for MS/HS transportation to include express hub routes and/or utilizing resources of other public/private transportation providers in western Loudoun. As an example, the Middleburg Community Charter School has found a creative solution to its unique transportation needs this year by using Virginia Rides and hub bus stops.

Let’s find a sane solution for the well-being of our children.

Susana Calley, Round Hill

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