Town-wide Popup Sale Planned in Purcellville

Purcellville’s popular Town-wide Tag Sale has been reconfigured and will emerge over the Columbus Day weekend, Oct. 8-9, as the Purcellville Popup Sale.

This year’s event encourages residents and businesses to participate. Businesses can sell their own inventory and are encouraged to host other retailers at their locations, while residents can sell their goods in a yard sale-type setting.

There is no formal sponsor this year, and it will not be an official town event. The town government’s participation will be limited to coordinating a list of participating businesses and residents and publicizing a map showing participants’ locations, which can be seen at There is no registration fee, nor is an event permit required. Participants are asked to fill out an online form at before Sept. 28. Contact Melanie Scoggins at for more information.

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