Catoctin SkatePark Skates ‘Til Midnight on Last Day

Catoctin SkatePark stayed open until midnight Sunday so generations of skateboarders, bikers, and rollerbladers could ride one last time.

The Leesburg skatepark is now closed to be demolished and rebuilt.

[Read about the town’s budget vote to renovate the park here.]

Christian McDowell. (Renss Greene/Loudoun Now)
Christian McDowell. (Renss Greene/Loudoun Now)

On its last night, some of the people who have carved their names into its ramps since the park opened shared the space with young skateboarders just starting out.

The evening also came with free hot dogs from ResQ BBQ Catering and giveaways from Alpine Ski.

The park opened in 1998 with a visit from pro skateboarder Tony Hawk. Now, it will be demolished and moved over to make room for an expanded Loudoun County Rescue Squad next door. As part of that effort, the Leesburg Parks and Recreation Department staffers have launched a crowdfunding campaign to put shade structures and spectator seating at the new skatepark. That campaign hoped to raise $40,000 by Sept. 23, but raised only $600.

[Read more about the town’s plans for the park here.]

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