Letter: Doris Kidder, Leesburg

Editor: I hope my African-American friends will not mind my sharing what they already know, but what has taken me a lifetime to realize: How I have been brainwashed to believe that everything will be OK if we just enact the right laws and treat people fairly.

Yet, nothing really changes.

Could it be that we have never dealt with the root causes of racism?

As long as we allow the veneration of the Civil War and its heroes who fought to preserve white supremacy, the enslavement of human beings and the withdrawal of southern States from the Union to preserve the right to own slaves, how can we ever be rid of racism?

The Civil War is part of our history and, as such, Civil War monuments and Confederate flags belong in Civil War cemeteries and museums, not on Main Street and public buildings where they are constant public reminders that we Americans allow the glorification of one of the ugliest periods of our history.

And the original ugliest period of our history prevails even today in our treatment of Native Americans and the conditions they still endure.

Doris Kidder, Leesburg

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